You’ve spent the last few hours staring at a blank screen and scrolling through instagram and pinterest hoping to get some kind of inspiration… but your screen is still blank and you haven’t created one good piece of content for your business.

You need a content plan, a solid content strategy and straight up some content magic dust sprinkled your way if you’re ever going to create consistent content that attracts anyone - let alone paying clients.

you need my proven step by step content plan that attracts your ideal clients and converts them into hot prospects


life after working with me:

You’re able to finally hit your sales goals without spending hours on end hunting down your next client

You know exactly what content to create, when to post it and why you’re posting it

Your social media posts actually attract clients and not just random likes and meaningless comments

Your email list is filling up with potential clients who can’t wait to work with you

Your sales calls convert like crazy because now you’re only attracting the best potential clients with your content

You have an actual bedtime because you know your content is still going to do the work for you… long after you’ve created and scheduled it

Your kids know who you are again because you’re no longer glued to your computer screen


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a free coaching call?

No, this call is only for coaches, experts and service providers who know they want to work with me (Kelita) to create a strategic content plan for their business that attracts their ideal clients.

What happens after I schedule my call?

You receive a confirmation email and we have our call virtually at the time you selected.

Why am I scheduling the call?

I schedule calls with potential clients to ensure we are a perfect fit and that I can meet your needs when we work together.

Who is this call NOT for?

You want an easy fix and a fast way to get results. My system works if you put in the work. It has worked for myself and countless clients as well.