You’ve spent hours on social media,

You set the goal of trying to hit your first 5K+ per month but you can’t even seem to book discovery calls consistently

or you've managed to book some sales calls and spend hours on sales calls trying your best to land the sale only to hear:

“I can’t afford it”

“Let me think about it” never to hear from them again

Or straight up “No, not right now”


You’re ready to throw the towel in and throw a king kong sized tantrum. 


I know exactly how you feel… I spent hours and hours on calls - back to back,

Even more time on social media

Emailed my list to no end with little to no results to show for it.


But after taking sales seriously and deciding to ditch the scripts and cookie cutter strategies I finally found the key to booking calls that convert consistently.


I’ve booked well over 200 sales calls in my online career.

I have tested several strategies and I've finally figured out the key to booking discovery calls that convert and feel good for not only me but my potential client.


It’s time you ditch the stress of sales and finally perfect your entire sales process for more sales calls, more YES’s and less stress.


Join me for “The sales solution” and learn how to finally book and convert sales calls into paying clients!


Here’s exactly what we will cover:

Lesson 1: The Foundational Principals

  • How to set goals for your business
  • Key mindset shifts you should make to attract and convert high quality clients
  • The key to crafting offers that sell
  • How to nail your message so you magnetise your clients


Lesson 2: How to book 15+ discovery calls each and every single month

  • My top Strategies for Booking Sales Calls
  • How to use content to as a tool to attract and convert potential clients into paying clients

Bonus ebook: Over 10 ways to book high quality sales calls online

Lesson 3:  The Client Booking and Intake Process Simplified

One of the secrets to booking more calls and converting more leads to paying clients is to make the entire process easier. 

In this module we cover: 

  • How to set up your discovery call process so you stop wasting time on calls that never convert
  • How to craft a smooth client intake strategy
  • The tools and systems to make it all easy

Lesson 4: Your Call Structure

  • Ditch the scripts - learn my strategy for "un-scripting"  so you don’t need a script ever again
  • Finally convert more calls and feel good doing it!


Lesson 5: Overcoming Objections

  • How to overcome objections BEFORE the call even happens so calls run smoothly and convert better 
  • How to deal with the most popular objections that arise on sales calls 

Lesson 6 - Your Master Plan

  • What should you focus on daily? 
  • How do you maintain momentum 
  • What are the activities and actions that will get you the most results and fastest? 

BONUS LESSON: 3 Specific (30 day) Get Booked Strategies

If I had to start all over again how would I book my first 5 - 10 clients? What would my 30 day game plan be?

This alone is worth the entire course. Specific, actionable and high effective.




FINALLY HAVE A SALES SOLUTION: How to Finally Book and Convert Discovery Calls without the Stress, Sleaze and Selling your Soul




After completing The Sales Solution you will: 

  • Have simple but effective strategies for booking sales calls even if you're brand new online
  • Know the exact activities you need to focus on daily to book more discovery calls with ease,
  • how to use content and funnels to book more quality sales calls that CONVERT,
  • the exact systems and structures to make it much easier to book discovery calls and get your brand new clients started sooner rather than later
  • and much more



Who is The Sales Solution For?

An Online Coach or Service Provider who is ready to: 

  • Book more quality sales calls,
  • Convert calls with ease
  • Finally have a concrete plan to hit 5K+ per month online


Discover how to not only book more sales calls but higher quality sales calls that convert with ease!





1. How is the course delivered? 

It is a digital course delivered via a private members area. 

2. When is the course available? 

You get immediate access to the members area and course contents.

3. What is the refund policy? 

Due to the digital nature of the product there is a no refund policy of this product.