The Client Booking Content Planner

 The client booking Content Planner is an all in one content planner for coaches and consultants who want to not only attract dream clients online but also create consistent income in their business with the power of a solid content marketing strategy.

You can use the planner to: 

  • Plan your daily content

  • Plan your weekly content

  • Plan your monthly content

  • Plan your quarterly content

  • Plan your yearly content 

….All so you hit your sales goals 

You will also be able to:

  • Plan the content for your first or next challenge

  • Plan the content for your first or next webinar or Masterclass 

  • and much more…

Have a full content marketing strategy that will attract clients on auto pilot

This is the ultimate content planner for coaches and consultants who want to attract clients and make consistent income online.
content eKit mock up #1.png

The Content eKit

What if you had templates and cheatsheets that made the entire process 10x easier and way faster? 


Then you need the content E-Kit for coaches! 

The Content e-Kit is designed with all the templates and video walkthroughs you need to finally step your content creation game up big time. 


With these templates you will be able to: 

  • Attract perfect potential clients consistently and on autopilot with your brand new content

  • Be filled with relief and confidence as you now have a fast and reliable strategy to plan and outline up to 3 months worth of content in just hours

  • Know exactly how and when your content needs to be created with your freshly planned content calendar

  • Create content consistently and much faster with plug and play templates for planning and repurposing content

  • Never have to guess what content to create again


  • Content Repurposing Template and cheatsheet

  • Content planning Template / Cheatsheet 

  • Welcome Email Series Template 

  • Social Media planning Template 

  • Editorial Calendar Template 

  • Perfect Client Magnet Template

  • Step by walk through videos for the 3 main templates in the eKit

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The Content Plan

The 90 Day Content Plan Masterclass Bundle where you will learn exactly how to plan your next 90 days of content in under 60 minutes.

You will:

Learn how to come up with 90 days of content FAST

Discover how to plan strategic content that is created specifically to help you do one thing: hit your sales goals

Gain access to content prompts so it’s way easier to create the best content

and so much more…

Content to Client Masterclass Bundle

Exclusive on demand masterclass bundle that shows you step by step how to go from content novice to content machine.