You're tired of guessing your way around your business. You're ready to take your smarts and your skills and make some money with them. 

Problem? You're missing a few pieces of the puzzle, and you're just not sure what they are. 


You need to identify the problem(s), get a clear prescription of how to solve them and then take actionable steps to make those changes and that's exactly what the 60 minute 1:1 Sales and Strategy Session does for you. 

We dive deep into your current challenges, diagnose the problem and prescribe a SOLUTION. 

After our 1:1 coaching call you will have:  

  • Clear and focussed goals for your business
  • Clarity around your online positioning so you're positioned as the expert and the best solution for your ideal client
  • A clear step by step strategy for the next 30 days to hit the goals we set together 
  • The Confidence to finally take the right action to attract the right potential clients and ask for the sale 


only 3 spots available each month



How does it all work? 

  1. We have our virtual 1:1 coaching call for 60 minutes where we identify where you are currently in your business and the challenges you're currently facing, diagnose your problems and I prescribe the fixes right then and there. 
  2. You leave the call with specific steps to take and HOW to take those steps 
  3. Over the course of the next 7 days (via email coaching) with customized action steps designed just for you we accomplish more in those 7 days than you could on your own in 3 months! 
  4. You will receive 1 x 1:1 coaching call up to 60 minutes, and 7 days of private email coaching and support to keep you on track and taking action


Who is this for? 

You are an online coach or service provider but something is missing: you aren't attracting and booking clients and you know you need a strategy, the right systems and structures in place. 

You want to create and launch your online coaching or service based business but you have no idea where or how to get started.  

Long story short? You need expert help and advice and the support to get it done. 


When do we get started? 

Your call must be scheduled within 30 days of purchasing. 

After your purchase you will be redirected to my calendar to schedule a time that works best for you.