How to Wake Up Earlier, Be More Productive and Set Yourself Up for Massive Success as a Coach

I know you've heard tons of successful entrepreneurs share that they get up earlier than most people and you've been meaning to do it but you just haven't seemed to get around to it... YET. 

All that changes today because I share some of my best tips so you can get started tomorrow with your brand new habit. 

1. Get Started Right Away. The biggest set up for failure is "planning to do it" a.k.a it never gets done. 

2. Plan Your Day Ahead of Time. Doing this will be a huge life saver as I share in the episode below. I know I just said planning to do it = failure BUT this is the exception the general rule. 

3. Set an Alarm (or 3) 

4. Ditch the phone and computer until after your morning routine is complete. 

5. Jump headfirst into your morning routine, don't roll over and postpone the inevitable - get to it right away. 

(BONUS) Add some exercise into the mix

(2ND BONUS) Have an actual bedtime. Waking up earlier is so much easier when you actually get a good night's rest.



Powerful Elements of my morning routine is shared here

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