Content Hacks that Help you Create Content that Converts into Clients


Your best friend in your marketing but why oh why does it seem so hard to create? 


I remember sitting for hours "creating content". 

What that actually looked like was staring at the screen, 

Writing a couple words, 

Heading on to social media for "inspiration", 

Getting caught up in serious content envy and comparisonitis 

Going back to my content creation only to realize that hours had passed and I really wasn't any further. 


Fast-forward to now? I create content fast and consistently, and my content is my primary sources of traffic, leads and sales. It's a MUST. 

I created this episode because content will allow you to build authority and automate a ton of your marketing. 

Inside this episode I will share: 

  • how I create content consistently 
  • my 2 top secret weapons I use in my content creation process 
  • the only 2 categories of content you need to focus on 
  • and much more... 

Mentioned in the Episode - The Content Cure Planning Session

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creating content consistently that attracts clients

How to Nail Your Ideal Client so you Never Have to Hunt for Clients Online Again

Your ideal client... You're probably sick of hearing that you need to get more specific, you need to figure out who you RESULT is for - you need to narrow down who it is that you will serve in your business. 

You probable already think that you have all this covered... BUT 

If you aren't already booking clients consistently and with ease, 

If you're still struggling to sell your packages - they aren't flying off the virtual shelves 

Your content doesn't come easily to you and evoke some kind of action from your audience

then my friend I'll hazard a guess that you aren't as clear on your ideal client as you think you are. 

Don't worry this first installment of the Perfect your Sales Process Series will help you get insanely clear on your ideal client and will allow you to finally move forward towards having a sales process that absolutely works. 

Go Deeper: How to Nail your Ideal Client in 3 Simple Steps (+ free workbook)


How to book more clients with these 3 CONVERSION HACKS

Building a coaching business, there is so much information out there - what to do and when exactly? oh and the how??? 

I share 3 little known conversion hacks that when applied to your current strategy will allow you to start seeing more results with your marketing... even if you hate sales or just plain suck at selling. 

How to Go From Freelancing/ Part-Time Coach to Coaching Full-Time

Maybe you've started to build your online business as a part time business, but you're ready to ramp it up several notches. 

You want to not only start putting in the hours of a full-time coach but also getting the results of a full time coach.

I share with you some of the most crucial steps to becoming a full-time coach in my coaching business inside this episode. 

Let me know your questions inside the comments!

What to do When you "just don't feel like it"

Have you ever felt like laying in bed all day - not doing anything business related and just being lazy? 

You know you have a ton on your to do list but "the bed is soooo comfy"! 

I share some practical steps you can implement in the first episode of my test drive of a new style of daily podcast I am creating - let me know in the comments if you like this style of podcast and of course let me know in the comments if you have any requests for future topics! 

Enjoy <3

motivation for online coaches

An Exercise in Self Mastery for the Woman Coach

What if everything you ever wanted was simply up to you?

A quick intro to this episode: 



I've always been in and out with my fitness, and eating healthy (I'm a vegan and so is my daughter) and trying as much as possible to treat my body as a temple.


But also on the flip side when I started building my business, and I started seeing success and truly loving my business I asked myself - WHAT WOULD I DO IF I WERE ALREADY WHERE I WANTED TO BE? 


And one of those things was to hire the best trainers, be super fit, live in the Caribbean, have a lifestyle driven business and pretty much be living the life I have always dreamed of. 


Sometimes we think that our dream lives are so out of reach, but what if it isn't? What if it's more than possible and extremely attainable? 


I invite you to listen in to the podcast episode below now and implement!

How to Wake Up Earlier, Be More Productive and Set Yourself Up for Massive Success as a Coach

I know you've heard tons of successful entrepreneurs share that they get up earlier than most people and you've been meaning to do it but you just haven't seemed to get around to it... YET. 

All that changes today because I share some of my best tips so you can get started tomorrow with your brand new habit. 

1. Get Started Right Away. The biggest set up for failure is "planning to do it" a.k.a it never gets done. 

2. Plan Your Day Ahead of Time. Doing this will be a huge life saver as I share in the episode below. I know I just said planning to do it = failure BUT this is the exception the general rule. 

3. Set an Alarm (or 3) 

4. Ditch the phone and computer until after your morning routine is complete. 

5. Jump headfirst into your morning routine, don't roll over and postpone the inevitable - get to it right away. 

(BONUS) Add some exercise into the mix

(2ND BONUS) Have an actual bedtime. Waking up earlier is so much easier when you actually get a good night's rest.



Powerful Elements of my morning routine is shared here

You can join the FREE Coach's Library Below: 


Why you should use Live Video in your Client Attractive Content Marketing Strategy

I know you've heard about how well video converts and by now you've heard that you should be using live video as a part of your content marketing strategy. 

I share 3 of my top reasons why you NEED to incorporate live video into your strategy, and 4 hacks to help you get the most out of live video. 

Questions or Comments? Leave them below: 

3 Powerful Elements in My Daily Mindset Practice

Mindset is 50% of your success. Some people will even say it's more but I do believe that having a solid mindset practice along with taken action with a killer strategy will be the key to your success. 


In today's episode I am sharing 3 powerful elements of my mindset practice that you can implement starting today so that you can go out and start getting the big results you deserve in your coaching business. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Free Facebook Group for Women Online Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Mindset Masterclass Replay


Questions? I would love to hear them, ask them below in the comments now! 

How to Build Confidence, Ditch Fear and Get Big Results in Your Online Coaching Business

You want to build you business, you want to coach and do the best you possibly can to help your potential clients while getting paid and paid well. 

But how exactly can you build your confidence and ditch the fear? 

I share 3 things you can do starting today that will allow you to own your expertise, build your confidence and push past fear so that you can show up and blow up your online coaching business. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Booked - The FREE Facebook Community for Coaches

Questions? Ask below in the comments. 

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What to do when you aren't Getting Results in your Business and feel like Giving Up

Do you feel like giving up in your business? 

You aren't seeing those big results you imagined, you aren't booking clients with ease and somedays you're pretty convinced that this just isn't for you...

I can relate trust me, and I decided to record this impromptu podcast on the fly just for you. Questions? Hit me up in the comments! 

Work 3 days per Week in your Coaching Business?

I've worked 2 days per week and up to 6 days per week (yes, yes - I'm in love with the hustle) on my coaching business, and I get asked over and over how is that even possible? 

How did you make that happen? 

What's the "secret"? 

I'm dishing all the secrets to building a lifestyle driven coaching business over on instagram (follow me here) and also sharing exclusive masterclasses inside the Facebook Group, join here. Pro tips and strategies for coaches whether you're a beginner or you've been around you just aren't 100% in love with your coaching business, so check it out now. 


Ready to learn how you can work on your own terms, live a life by design (yours) and love your life and business? 

Listen below now. 

How to Plan for a Successful Quarter

Do you have a plan in place to crush your day, week, month, quarter, year? 

I've found that having a game plan in place quarterly brings amazing results, and in this podcast episode I share with you how you can plan for an insanely successful quarter. 

Listen in below and be sure to drop a comment and let me know any questions and exactly what you think! 

How to Use Email to Sell and Land Paying Clients

I hear all the time in my community about their marketing not working - no one is buying they aren't landing clients from social media and one of the main reasons is that you strategy is a bit off and you aren't leveraging the power of EMAIL. 


In today's episode I share exactly how you can use email to sell and land paying clients... and WHY. 

Leave a comment below with you takeaways and join the vip group here now - it's FREE.