How to use the Power of a Sales Process to Convert Potential Clients into Paying Clients

(without having to use icky, salesy, sleazy sales tactics that make you want to gouge your eyes out)


You’re on the phone with yet another potential client… you nervously sit at the edge of your seat.


You can help her accomplish everything she needs to get the results she’s craving, you’re delivering the best sales call you’ve ever delivered.

She has to say yes, she just has to…


And then as quickly as it all began it’s over.


Yet another potential client bites the dust and you’re left staring into space in disbelief.


What on Earth just Happened and What Can You Do about It? 


You're leaking clients, 

You don't have a seamless process in place that attracts the perfect clients to you and then converts them from potential client to paying client even before you get on the phone to seal the deal. 

You've tried running Facebook Ads and posting in more groups - because it must be a numbers game right? 

You've cranked out more and more content because something has to click, 

You've joined every social media platform and chased shiny object after shiny object

But something's still missing. 


You need a Sales Process. 


Every piece of content, every interaction with you should position you as the expert and your packages as the ultimate solution and working with you should be the next obvious step - not some huge decision that leaves you guzzling glass after glass of wine and your potential client feeling like they were somehow just tortured on your last sales call. 


Without a sales process in place nothing else will work. Not creating more content, not throwing more money at Facebook Ads and not posting twice as much in Facebook Groups. 


Best part about it? You don't have to be there for it to work! It attracts and converts in hands free mode. 




When you have a sales process in place it positions you as the expert and the solution fast

When you have a sales process in place you charge your worth with confidence and get paid your worth without objection

When you have a sales process you work way less than your fellow coaches but you attract clients on demand

When you have a sales process you don't have to hop on sales calls prepared for battle - closing the sale comes easy

When you have a sales process in place your clients come to you instead of you having to hunt for them


How do I know how important a sales process is to building a profitable coaching business?

Because I was just like you, right where you are right now - wishing and hoping for my first paying client and dreaming about the day when I never had to struggle for clients again.

I know what it’s like to build a coaching business on the side, wishing for more hours in the day and balancing mommy duties, 2 part time jobs and a full time course load at school.

I also know that this works because when I finally bit the bullet and implemented a sales process that did the heavy lifting - the results started to speak for themselves:

With a sales process in place I went from zero to landing my first paying clients within 30 days of launching my coaching business and booking 5 figures in sales, I’ve worked with over 50 clients and served over 150 customers all doing this as a side gig and finally converting it into a fulltime business…


You are 6 weeks away from perfecting your sales process and finally booking your first (or fifth) paying client:

  • Even if you’ve never booked sales calls before

  • Even if you’ve never converted a sales call

  • Even if you only have a few hours per day to work on your business

  • Even if you have a small or no email list and online following

  • Even if you believe you’ve tried everything under the sun including taking course after course that's left one piece of the puzzle missing every time


Here's what we will work on together:

  •  Gain insane clarity around your ideal client, perfect your package(s) and find your ideal clients online so that you nail your targeting, you know exactly where to position yourself online and your only create offers that sell like hot cakes.


  • Craft your custom content strategy, create a daily game plan and a strategy to start booking calls with your ideal clients so that you never have to worry about what content to create again or what you need to do on a daily basis.


  •  Let’s build your funnel and start attracting and nurturing your ideal clients in hands free so your business will keep running even when you’re enjoying a 3 day spa weekend.


  •  Your ultimate traffic strategy so that you can fill your funnel with highly targeted potential clients that fall in love with you at first sight.


  • Your First Live Event: It’s time to build your list, launch your packages in a major way, and get some sales calls on your calendar (let’s work smarter not harder).


  •  We master your sales call strategy and plug all those leaky holes your clients may be slipping through so that your conversion rates increase over time and you get more out of each sales call that you host


How does it work?

6 1:1 coaching calls so we can customize your sales process each step of the way

12 assignments so you take focused and intentional action each week



Deep Dive Intensive Upgrade - so we hit the ground running from Call number 1. ($997 value)

12 weeks of unlimited email support, coaching and accountability so you feel fully supported, and so each piece of content, copy and each element of your process can be reviewed ($3,000 value)

A Client Folder with cheat sheets and checklists for essential systems and processes so you can keep your sales process running smoothly long after we’ve worked together - just plug, play and deploy. ($1500 value)

Access to my vault of training materials (valued at over $2000) so your questions will always have answers

(over $7000 worth of bonuses)


Winning the lottery has nothing on finally nailing your sales process and becoming the boss in your business.

(ok - maybe that’s a a tiny stretch)


Imagine this…

It’s late at night and before you go to sleep you check your phone one last time to see 3 new sales calls with potential clients booked and a package paid in full from the call you hosted earlier.

You would jump for joy - but that would wake the kids… who wants that?

Instead you book a trip to Disney and fall asleep with a satisfied smile on your face.

one payment


3 monthly payments


Enrollment Ends and the Price Doubles when the Timer hits Zero



5 Reasons you should sign up for Perfect your Sales Process


  • Step by step 1:1 customised strategy just for you and

  • You get lifetime access to templates, checklists and cheat sheets - no guesswork involved once we’re done working together over and over again

  • Access to custom resources as needed so you don’t need to spend hours and hours on google or youtube trying to figure stuff out

  • You perfect your sales process in 6 weeks instead of 6 months or 6 years

  • You know that it’s completely customised and optimised for you to get the results you are aiming for


Perfect your Sales Process is unlike other programs because not only do you get 1:1 support telling you exactly WHAT TO DO you also learn HOW TO DO it which saves you thousands and thousands in the future and saves you from premature hair loss that results from yanking your hair out in utter frustration.


Clients Banging down your virtual door, 3 Day Weekends and time to take shower! Yes Please!!



Here is what Life looks like After:

  • You book clients without having to host sales calls - unless you really want to

  • You have an email list full of your ideal clients who eagerly await your next offer

  • You work with dream clients who make you bounce up and down in your chair every time you receive an email

  • You actually have a waiting list in place with eager potential clients who can’t wait to work with you

  • You confidently book and convert sales calls with confidence and class

  • You actually take vacations in your business because your business runs smoothly even when you’re not around

  • You’re being asked as a guest on podcasts and being featured on blogs - oh my!

  • You know what the outside of your home looks like because you’ve finally released the ball and chain of your laptop and home office



3 monthly payments of $1000

Enrollment Ends and the Price Doubles when the Timer Hits Zero




You have burning questions and I have answers:


What happens after I purchase?

After you click the button above you will be taken to paypal.

After you make your payment you will be redirected to a Thank You page.

You will then receive a welcome email complete with a welcome packet within 24 hours.


What makes Perfect Your Sales Process Program different?

It’s not only 1:1 coaching and guidance (which by itself is priceless) but it’s a proven system that you can implement over and over and get results in your coaching business.


Unlike most coaching packages you will leave with the ability to replicate this process over and over and implement this system as needed so you keep a steady flow of clients in your business.


You could pay someone thousands of dollars to this for you everytime you want some clients, or you can learn how to do it yourself and get access to easy to follow processes!


How long will it take before I see results?

As with anything those who take BIG and FAST action will get BIG FAST results… Your results are dependent on the action that you take.

Want those clients? Let’s do the work and make it happen!


How much time will I need to devote to my business?

Until we get your sales process up and running you will need to put some work in. I recommend about 2 hours daily after we get started to take action on your business. That being said this will vary (increase or decrease) depending on your individual situation.


Why can’t I just figure it all out on my own?

You might be able to, but it will probably take you at minimum months and possibly even years of wasted time, effort and money.

Not to mention the pounds of cake, wine and coffee involved.


When does the program begin?
The program begins the week of May 29th where we will have our first call. However you will gain access to your welcome packet within 24 hours of registering


I have more Questions!

I am just an email away! Send me all your questions - 


3 monthly payments of $1000

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And a sprinkle of love...



3 Monthly payments $1000

Enrollment Ends and the Price Doubles when the Timer hits Zero: