Hey there, I'm Kelita the content marketing strategist and business coach for coaches and consultants. I show coaches and consultants how to attract clients on autopilot utilising an effective sales process with the power of strategic content.

There are 3 pillars of my process:

  • Attract

  • Acquire

  • Automate

I’m big on automation because when I started my own coaching business 6 years ago I was a single mom with a toddler in tow and so I had to figure out fast: how can I work smart, automate as I go but not sacrifice my profits? Now I show other coaches and consultants how to just that.

For over 7 years I've owned an online business  and after building my own online coaching business to 5 figures in just 30 days utilising my years of online marketing experience I've gone on to help other women build and launch their own coaching and consulting businesses. 

Here’s the reality: I went from booking sales call after sales call and hearing no, working hours and hours and pulling all nighters in my business to averaging 4 hours per day on my business and booking clients consistently. I have been where you are and helped women just like you. 

I believe in not only telling you WHAT to do but showing you HOW to do it, giving you my step by step process that allows me to attract clients on autopilot and removing the overwhelm, frustration and steep learning curve most online coaches and consultants face that keep them stuck and broke. 


There are 3 Main Pillars I focus on:

  • Perfecting your premium packages and offers

    and implementing a signature framework and process that helps you get your clients BIG results allowing you to demand premium price points to do so,

  • creating strategic content that attracts, nurtures and converts

    content is queen but only when you do it right, I help you create a killer content strategy that supports your sales goals long after you put the work in on it

  • simple but converting funnels

    funnels get a bad rap but they’re the reason I make money when I sleep and can book clients with the push of a button. A funnel takes a stranger and converts them to a prospect in hands free mode.

    We CREATE AN ATTRACTIVE, COMPELLING AND CONVERTING CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY, implement the best systems and processes for your business all so you can attract your ideal clients on autopilot once we’re done 

I’m not saying you’ll spend all day sipping mojitos on the beach but you will work a whole lot less and see a whole lot more results sooner because now? you know exactly what to do, when and how to do it.

I won’t claim to be the expert in everything but using content to build and implement a winning sales process is my specialty.

So… Hey, I’m Kelita and it’s my absolute pleasure to show you how to create the right content, deploy the best funnel and package your skills and smarts so you can: 

  • attract your ideal clients,

  • convert them into your perfect prospects

  • and book dream clients you love.

All while creating smart systems and profitable processes so you’re working smarter and earning more at the end of the day.

Ready to Work with Me? 

Side effects of working together: 

  • A coaching and consulting business that runs smoothly online

  • Working less hours but having more to show for the work you put in

  • No more frustration or tech overwhelm

  • Growing your audience and your impact

  • Attracting clients even when you're not actively working on your business

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