You're tired guessing and you want to get you hands on the biggest training bundle for coaches I've ever released. 

This bundle includes 10 of my top sellling courses I've created in the past 3 years. 

Everything from mindset, marketing strategy to funnels, content creation and sales is included. 

There is a description of each course included.  This bundle's contents is seriously everything you would get inside of a group program.  


Why am I doing this? 

Like I announced at the beginning of the year, starting July 1st the only way to tap into my brain and expertise for the foreseeable future will be my signature 1:1 coaching package: Clients on Autopilot. 


So for the next few days only I'm opening my client only vault and rocking your world with not 3 or 4 courses but ALL of my best selling courses to help you explode your online coaching and service based business and to give you the chance to get your hands on these courses. 



The courses you get INSTANT ACCESS to inside this bundle are: 

Flawless Funnels

  • Figure out your targeting once and for all 
  • Find your ideal clients - positioning is everything 
  • Choose your offer 
  • Create an opt-in offer so juicy they can't resist 
  • Build your funnel from beginning to end 
  • Map out your entire welcome sequence
  • Craft your nurture sequence (as needed)
  • Optimise your funnel to SELL from the start
  • Choose and implement a Trip Wire (where applicable) 
  • Maximising your funnel so it converts (know how to tweak your funnel and when) 
  • and much more... 

Sales genius

  • Introduction
    • How to set goals for your business 
    • Key mindset shifts you should make to attract and convert high quality clients
    • The key to crafting offers that sell 
    • How to nail your message so you magnetise your clients 
  • Module 1 - Book Those Calls
    • Your Content Strategy 
    • My top Strategies for Booking Sales Calls 
  • Module 2 - Qualify your Potential Clients
    • How to set up your discovery call process so you stop wasting time on calls that never convert
    • How to craft a smooth client intake strategy 
    • The tools and systems to make it all easy 
    • Module 3 - Your Call Structure
    • Ditch the scripts - learn my strategy for "un-scripting" so you don’t need a script ever again 
    • Finally convert more calls and feel good doing it!
  • Module 4 - Object No More 
    • How to overcome objections BEFORE the call even happens with content and funnels 
    • How to follow up with potential clients so you position yourself and become even more irresistible 
  • Module 5 - Your Daily Client Attraction Activities
    • How to create a Marketing and Sales Strategy you can take all the way to the bank 
    • Exactly what you need to do on a daily basis

Mindset magic

    • Finally be insanely confident that you CAN and WILL be able to do whatever you conceive in your mind 
    • Ditch the scarcity mindset and price your offers with confidence
    • Literally journal your dreams into existence, know how to journal effectively - my exact strategy for journalling my goals into reality 
    • The one key strategy you need to implement DAILY - omit this and you're seriously missing out 
    • The secret sauce to affirmations that actually work 
    • How to craft meaningful intentions that manifest like woah 
    • and more... 
      • BONUSES:
    • A journalling session template (so you see exactly what a typical journalling session of mine looks like and you can adapt it to your own) 
    • 22 Journalling prompts (never get stuck again!) 
    • 17 affirmations for women coaches 

Content to clients

  • Content Repurposing Template and cheatsheetContent planning Template / Cheatsheet Welcome Email Series Template Social Media planning Template Editorial Calendar Template 

5 figure coach

  • Inside this elite masterclass you will get instant access to:BONUSESThe actual printable blueprint so you can map out, plan and take action over and over againInstant Access to Funnel Workshop for Coaches WorkshopInstant Access to Client Attraction Masterclass Monthly 5 Figure Coach's Planner to download 30 Sales Activities so you never have to worry about what needs to be done ever again20 Money Blocks that you can identify and work through, instead of run away from.
    • A step by step guide to creating the foundation for your coaching business 
    • My TOP STRATEGIES for hitting my income goals 
    • The behind the scenes of what it really takes to run a full-time coaching business
    • The elements of a lifestyle coaching business that gets you new potential clients and new subscribers in hands off mode 
    • and much more... 

Booked out Branding Course

  • Learn how to create:
    • Branded, gorgeous graphics
    • PDFs ,
    • Worksheets and Workbooks like a PRO
    •  How to make your workbooks and worksheets fillable and clickable
    •  How to make graphics that attract your dream clients
    •  Access to a list of my favorite stock photo sources and so much more! 

The Content eKit  

  • Here is exactly what's included in the eKit: Content Repurposing Template and cheatsheetContent planning Template / Cheatsheet Welcome Email Series Template Social Media planning Template Editorial Calendar Template

Book your First Paying Clients eCourse


At the end of the program you: 

  • figure out who you serve (the best and with ease) 
  • Package up your expertise just for them 
  • Price your packages - just right 
  • Find them online and start attracting them like flies to honey on a hot day 
  • turn them into subscribers and then create potential clients who are ready to buy 
  • position yourself as the go to expert in your field and get known for it FAST 
  • automate key conversions so you’re working less than you ever have before
  • finally have a working funnel in place - hello clients on demand
  • discover the key to never hosting a traditional discovery call again BUT still book consistent clients 
  • implement your brand new sales machine so you have everything in place to book your first or next paying clients 

30 days of lessons delivered daily via email so that you take action every single day and are never left wondering "what next"

Book your First Paying Clients masterclass bundle 

2 hour on demand Masterclass showing exactly how to book your first (or next) paying clients online so that you know exactly what to do, what to focus on and never waste time trying to piece it all together again

Detailed notes from the live masterclass

create your perfect package bundle

LIFE AFTER you're done with this bundle: 

  • you know exactly who wants the result that you can deliver (blindfolded and gagged) 
  • your smarts are out of your head and presented as a service your clients will love 
  • you have a signature system and framework that delivers results 
  • you know what to include and what just needs to be left out for the best results from your package 
  • you price your packages as a win - win for you and for your clients 
  • you have a complete system that you can rinse and repeat every time you want to create a new package or service 
  • you know how you can go out and sell your package (even if you're brand new online) with strategies and easy to implement action steps 



Recorded Masterclass 

Downloadable ebook/ workbook

Private Access inside a private membership site


I know I must be crazyyyy to make this available in a bundle - it's more than what you get in most multi thousand dollar group programs! 


The best part is you won't pay anywhere near that! 





Call me crazy but this is one deal you can't afford to miss out on, 10 courses and tons of resources for a steal! 🤷🏽‍♀️


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