You're on your 3rd or is it 5th cup of coffee for the day and all the words on your screen are starting to look the same

You're sick of seeing everyone post about their new clients while you drink more coffee, stare helplessly at your computer screen and.... nothing. 


What you need is a step by step proven strategy to not only automate 80% of your sales process but also perfect your process for more hot leads, more potential client calls and more paying clients. 


ENTER Clients on Autopilot

A 1:1 90 day coaching program for coaches designed to get you insane clarity, clients and your life back. 



  • You will have the perfect package or tier of offers your ideal clients just can't resist
  • You will know exactly how to market to your ideal client and build your audience
  • You will have a client magnet / freebie live on your website and platforms  that your ideal client loves and builds your email list on auto pilot 
  • You have a 7 day email sequence designed to welcome, nurture and convert into prospects on automation 
  • You have 90 days of strategic content planned and ready to deploy that will attract your dream clients, captivate them and turn them into fans and subscribers and then into hot leads and prospects 
  • You have a full sales funnel in place to attract, captivate and convert into the best prospects 



or 3 x $1800 (billed monthly)


What happens next? 

Once you click the button above you will be taken to a calendar to schedule your call. 

You will answer 3 questions, choose your best time and we will meet via Skype or Zoom  for our call at the scheduled time. 

The call is just to ensure that this is the perfect fit for you and your business.  



Here is exactly what's included: 

  • 12 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls so you know exactly what to do ever step of the way 
  • Email access so that you stay on track during our time together
  • Custom Resources created as needed so you never spend hours searching YouTube for the answer  





or 3 x $1800 (billed monthly)


Who Am I  Anyway?

I'm Kelita business coach and strategist for almost 6 years.

I've built 2 successful coaching businesses and have helped clients hit 5 figures, retire their husbands, book speaking gigs and get known online with strategic content, simple but effective sales funnels and savvy online marketing strategies!


Who is this For? 

  • Coaches and Service Providers who work with 1:1 clients 
  • You've tried DIY and you're ready for customised strategy and massive EXECUTION   
  • You want a customized plan that has been proven time and again to get results 



When will we get started working together? 

As soon as you book your call above and we get you registered, you will receive your welcome packet and you will schedule your first call for a time that works best for you!

Does scheduling a call lock me in to work with you? 

No, it doesn't! That's why I require a call before buying so we know that we are 100% perfect for each and this program 100% meets your needs. 

What if the program is not the right one for me? 

If the program isn't absolutely perfect you can choose another option that is customised to your business and what you hope to accomplish. There are options for every stage of your business.

What do we cover each week? 

While each coach follows my signature framework it's changed and customised for your business and your goals. This is not a one size fits all... it's a proven framework that's customised just for you. 



or 3 x $1800 (billed monthly)