Ready to Book your First (or next) Paying Clients Online:

  • even if you're brand new online 
  • even if you have little to no following or email list 
  • even if you suck at sales 
  • even if you've never booked a client before 


After spending all day posting on social media, watching lifestreams with the "latest" and "best" tips for booking clients and liking posts hoping one of them turns into a paying client you're about ready to give up.


You've tried to wing it and figure it our on your own but it just hasn't worked. 


You need key systems, a strategy customized for you and your business and you need to build momentum by finally developing the success mindset so you can finally build consistency, attract clients and take your business to the next level. 


You're ready to book your first paying clients and now. 

Book your First Paying Clients Bundle is a self study e-course that gives you everything you need to start booking paying clients and building a profitable coaching or service based business.                          



At the end of the program you: 

  • figure out who you serve (the best and with ease) 
  • Package up your expertise just for them 
  • Price your packages - just right 
  • Find them online and start attracting them like flies to honey on a hot day 
  • turn them into subscribers and then create potential clients who are ready to buy 
  • position yourself as the go to expert in your field and get known for it FAST 
  • automate key conversions so you’re working less than you ever have before
  • finally have a working funnel in place - hello clients on demand
  • discover the key to never hosting a traditional discovery call again BUT still book consistent clients 
  • implement your brand new sales machine so you have everything in place to book your first or next paying clients 

What's included?

2 hour on demand Masterclass showing exactly how to book your first (or next) paying clients online so that you know exactly what to do, what to focus on and never waste time trying to piece it all together again ($297)

Detailed notes from the live masterclass ($97)

30 days of lessons delivered daily via email so that you take action every single day and are never left wondering "what next" ($197)

a value of over $500 in this bundle







Life After Book Your First Paying Clients: 

You only work with your dream ideal clients 

You're approached for interviews and features as an expert 

Your clients come to you instead of you having to chase them 

You book a dream vacation without checking in to work first


We’re ditching excuses and building momentum. 

We’re finally taking action and putting your well thought out plans into high gear. 

We’re setting goals and then crushing goals. 


How does it work? 

You get started with your on demand Masterclass and map out a game plan that's just right for you. (complete with my detailed notes from the class)

You receive daily lessons emailed just like magic for the next 30 days. 

You take action - because you finally you know exactly WHAT to do and HOW to get it done. 





When does the program start? 

You get immediate access to day one and receive a lesson Monday to Friday for 6 weeks via email! 


How is the program delivered? 

You get immediate access to a private members area that houses the masterclass and eKit and the daily lessons are delivered every single day via email. You have lifetime access to all the lessons and content! 

How much time will it take to implement the lessons? 

I recommend setting aside any where from 20 - 45 minutes daily to take action and implement. However, you do have lifetime access to the course so there is no need to rush. 

What if I can't start the program right away? 

You have lifetime access to the program and all the materials so there is absolutely no need to rush! You can get started whenever you like.