Your hand is hovering over the publish button once again because your graphic? Looks like a four year old made it - and even though your content is the best quality... your graphics? SUCK. 


You're amazing at what you do. 

You're ready to work with clients, sell your products and make cash in your business. 

Only problem? Your packaging SUCKS and you've got some serious brand shame. 


You see all these amazing graphics online but you don't have the time or the money to spend hundreds on a graphic designer or thousands on a brand consultant. 

You just want to be able to drool worthy brand elements that ATTRACT and CONVERT. 


Worry no more... I've got you covered! 

Inside this course I will teach you exactly how you can step your brand game up big time, without being super techy, spending you life's savings or investing and learning complicated software. 

(SECRET: You can do all this stuff for FREE!) 


Create with canva

Follow along with step by step video tutorials that show you not only how to create graphics that WOW but professional pdfs, workbooks, presentations and more. 

You will learn: 

  • how to easily navigate Canva 
  • how to create PDFs, Workbooks and Presentations 
  • how to create drool worthy graphics 
  • the elements of converting and attractive graphics 
  • how to find and pair free fonts 
  • and more... 

opt-ins, pdfs, workbooks like a pro

Imagine creating Opt-Ins that not only contain high value but that are so attractive, and interactive that your ideal clients use them readily, get results and take the next step towards working with you!

You will learn: 

  • how to create clickable PDFs (for FREE) 
  • Fillable PDFs and worksheets  
  • An additional tool for crafting PDFs with ease 
  • How to make your PDFs interactive and easy to use like a PRO! 
  • and more...



Another favorite FREE to Super low cost tool! I share how to create graphics and branded elements with PICMONKEY. 

Things like: 

  • Branded Graphics 
  • Creating a mood board for your brand 
  • watermarking 
  • branded buttons 
  • and more...


BONUS 1: Websites made Easy

Still stuck on how to build your first or improve your current website? 

Get my complete website creation checklist so your website attracts and converts

Let's ditch the "I have to wait for my website to be complete" before you can go out and get BOOKED! 

Value - $97.00



Creating branding elements comes down to being able to use the right resources and get results with them. You get inside access to my favorite tools and resources to pull my brand and business together. 

Learn things like: 

  • how to create product mock ups (easily and stress free) 
  • how to find perfect color matches 
  • how to make your downloads more download and user friendly 
  • and more...



Tired of using ugly stock photos that just aren't inspiring? 

Get my complete guide to stock photos and never run out of stock photos again! 





You get INSTANT and UNLIMTED access to the course upon purchase.

Get access to the entire course: 

Step by Step Video Modules 

Pdf guides

And all the bonuses mentioned above

(Lifetime access to all course content)

Over $300.00 in value




Who is the course for?

Any one who is ready to ditch their brand shame and finally create amazing graphics and brand elements. 

Do I need to buy anything to make this course work for me? 

No, everything taught can be done with completely free tools. 

Do I need to be tech savvy? or having any graphic design skills? 

Nope. This is a simplified branding course with videos that walk you through step by step! 

How is the course delivered? 

On demand step by step videos and pdfs

You get Instant Access to the Course.

If you're ready to finally create amazing graphics that attract and convert, 

Pull together a brand you're proud of 

Ditch the brand shame for brand pride 

All without spending hours and hours or hundreds and thousands of dollars this is for you! 



Get access to the entire course: 

Step by Step Video Modules 

Pdf guides

And all the bonuses mentioned above

(Lifetime access to all course content)



All sales are final.