WHY your Coaching Clients will Buy from You

Not selling your packages? 

Maybe you're not even getting opens on your emails or clicks when they're open

What exactly makes your clients BUY and what can you do to make more sales and land more clients? 


Short answer: there are 2 things your clients buy:

1. access to you



That's it- nothing super complicated, and that's where I think we all get mixed up because we make the sale/ the landing of a client way more complicated than it needs to be. 


No. 1 Your clients buy access to YOU. They now know you, like you and trust you enough to say yes to working with you.

They are now at a point in the relationship with you where they see you as the expert but more than that you're now more than just another coach - you're THE coach that they like and that they believe can help them in whatever area they are seeking help with. 

To get them to this point you want to focus on doing specific activities that gets you insane results without having to work yourself ragged. 

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No. 2 Your clients buy a SOLUTION. Sometimes your potential clients may not even know they need a solution initially and at that point its up to you to EDUCATE them that they have a PROBLEM and then position yourself as the solution 


they know they have a problem but they aren't quite sure how to get rid of that problem - and now you come in and show them the SOLUTION and as a result become the solution for them. 


Super simple - this is what your clients will buy... it doesn't have to be fancy - you don't need all the different bells and whistles, BUT 


In order to get them to the point they know, like and trust you enough to want to work with you and/or they NEED the solution that you are offering you need a FUNNEL. 


A funnel/ sales process takes a stranger from being a stranger to becoming a potential client, to becoming a fan to knowing that they NEED you and your solution to buying your solution i.e. becoming a client/ customer. 

(and all this without you having to work super hard - because you're focussing on efficiency and maximizing each effort that you are taking) 


Most coaches wait until they are making 5/ 6 figures before implementing a funnel. 




Building your funnel sooner rather than later will save you time and make you money because now you're being more intentional when attracting targeted potential clients, 

Now you're positioning yourself as the expert from hello and positioning your offer as the solution as well 

Now you're really leveraging the power of online marketing instead of using the time consuming offline marketing strategies that so many coaches bring online that keeps them stuck, overwhelmed, overworked and broke.  


If you are ready to build your funnel for your coaching business, download the cheatsheet below and get started! 

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Download the Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet for Coaches!

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