What is a Sales Process and how can it fill your calendar with paying coaching clients?

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You’ve heard the word funnel slung around the internet multiple times… and once again you see the word funnel and your eyes glaze over.


What is a sales funnel?

What is a sales process?

And… more importantly how will it fill up your calendar with paying coaching clients?

I get this question over and over again, it’s a great question and I am going to share the solution with you.

what is a sales process and how can it get you paying coaching clients?

What on earth is a sales process?

A sales process is a structured system that takes your potential client and converts them into a paying client using content (webinars, blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, social media posts…) and your funnel.


Your funnel attracts your ideal clients and takes them through a sequence of steps that nurtures and primes them to hire you - the solution to their problem.


How exactly does it all work?


It all comes down to creating strategic content and taking your potential client on a journey to making a buying decision and hiring you.


There are 3 Specific Conversions that you want your ideal clients to go through:


  1. Convert your audience into Subscribers: they raise their hand and indicate they are interested and they want to learn more. They know that they need what your free offer is and by indicating this open up to more education and a further solution.

  2. Convert your Subscribers into Fans (community members, your tribe, potential clients): this is your warm audience, they’ve taken a further step towards you and are saying by their actions (reading your emails, watching your videos, checking out your blog posts over and over again, replying to emails) that they know - like and trust you.

  3. Convert your Fans/ Potential Clients into Paying Clients: You’ve shown them their problem, you have educated them on the problem and positioned the solution, you get them to take some action and now they see you as the obvious next step.

When you implement your sales process you:

  • Go from posting frantically in Facebook Groups and crossing your fingers that some notices - instead you know exactly when, where and what to post for MAX results

  • Flawlessly execute sales calls so they end in “Yes, where do I started” instead of “let me think about it” “I can’t afford it” or flat out NO.

  • Land interviews on podcasts and blogs that are followed by truckloads of your ideal clients without having to sell your first born son in return

  • You go on family vacations and enjoy the weekend… because now your business works for you (even when you aren’t actively working on it)


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