Top 3 Mistakes Online Coaches are Making (and how to avoid them)


Your business is the victim of a hit and run.

And is in bad bad shape…


Go with this…


You sit in front of your computer all day, looking busy to the outsider looking in -

But inside you’re having a raging battle

You are freaking out because no one’s booking discovery calls with you

And GASP! No one is buying your services.


You’ve tried everything… or have you?


If you aren’t booking clients consistently - if you aren’t getting your ideal client on the phone like clockwork, chances are you’re making one of these fatal mistakes.


And your business desperately needs to be resuscitated.


Let’s get your biz on a gurney and into surgery - we’ve got work to do!




#1 - Your ideal clients have no idea who you are.

You need a daily action plan that focusses on VISIBILITY - Getting you in front of your ideal clients consistently and POSITIONING you as the expert.


You’re probably hearing a lot about visibility.

Everyone seems to be TALKING about it but no one is really explaining WHAT you need to do and HOW you can achieve insane visibility as an online coach who wants to get BOOKED out.  


#2 - No one has a clue what you’re selling

How often are you letting your ideal clients know that you’re selling. My guess is - if you aren’t booked out yet then not often enough.


Selling is a service.
— Kelita


Write that down and definitely tweet it out.


When you offer your paid services your ideal clients are able to get BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER results!


They will thank you later - trust me I have the emails to prove it.


But if you aren’t telling your people how they can work with you and 10x they’re results you are robbing them blind - and that’s the opposite of what you want for your ideal clients.


Figure out how you can get more of your ideal clients on the phone. I share how I got over 100 of my potential clients on the phone in 30 days. You can steal my strategy here now.


Get in front of your ideal clients EVERY DAY.

POSITION yourself as the EXPERT.

Offer your services as the SOLUTION until you are booked out.


But none of the above will work if you don’t take care of Mistake #3.


#3 - You have no idea what you’re doing

BIGGEST mistake? Thinking you can DIY your way to 5 figure per month bliss in your business. Even if you are a marketing guru - everyone knows that doctors make the worse patients.


You need another set of eyes on your business, to assess the damage and give the best treatment.


Your business is unique!


Trying to model what works for others in your industry by looking in from the outside and trying to duplicate their strategy without actually knowing all the logistics - it’s not going to work!


You need:

  1. Accountability & Support

  2. Strategy & Structure i.e. your online sales machine aka A sales and marketing funnel)

  3. IMPLEMENTATION (because this is where the magic happens)


Make Money Work Smarter is my Signature VIP 1:1 coaching program that provides all the above including the done WITH you step by step IMPLEMENTATION and guidance that most online coaches crave but aren’t quite sure where to go for it.


With my help my 1: 1 clients have:

Booked themselves solid and opened up a waitlist.

Created a 5 figure passive income stream

Built their own communities jam packed with their potential clients (no more where are my clients hiding?)

Ditched the 8+ hour  work days for their dream work days working with dream clients

Eliminated the overwhelm and frustration, started taking action and most importantly? Got amazing results!


I get my clients results

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Are you in?


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