The #1 Mistake you're Making that's Costing you clients and Killing your Coaching Business

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You're making a mistake that's costing you paying clients and killing your coaching business - 

sadly you probably have no idea what this mistake is and if you're like most other coaches you're doing the opposite thinking that it is the right thing to do. 

No more... we're going to end the vicious cycle and start doing things the right way starting as soon as you're done reading this blog post. 

Coffee in hand? 

Phone on silent? 

Let's Go... 

The #1 mistake? 

Waiting to sell.


The number one mistake that online coaches just like you are making? 


It’s waiting to sell. It's waiting to tell your ideal clients that you have a way to solve their problem and NOW (faster, bigger, better than they could on their own). 


You’re probably thinking… but that’s the opposite of EVERYTHING I have been hearing online, you’ve probably been hearing just show up, be of service and the clients will come. 




That is not the case. 


Yes you need to show up, 

Yes you need to be of service (but that should be automatic since we are in a service based industry right?) 

but you need to sell more. 


When you make more offers you make more money - seems simple right? 

But sadly for us women coaches it’s easier said than done. 


If you look around the online space at men and women who are killing it - they have one main thing in common: they aren’t afraid to sell. 


You need to start selling more and you need to start selling from hello. 


Hear me out: 

When your ideal client comes into contact with you and reads your amazing content, 

and then they opt-in for your free gift they’re raising their hand and saying hey I have a problem… and who has the solution? YOU DO. 


But so do other coaches and service providers out there. 


When I first got started and decided to give give give and relied on hope and prayer that my potential clients would figure out in some way how to hire me - I lost a lot of potential clients just because I was scared to make an offer and those same potential clients, realizing that they had a problem went in search of a solution from another coach. 


Yes this happens every single day. 


When your ideal clients meet you and realize they have a problem you need to offer a solution sooner rather than later. 


So how do you do this? 


Using your sales process you’re already priming them and positioning yourself as the solution. 


The next step is to make an offer. 


ONE: When they opt-in to your funnel on your thank you page you can make a low cost offer (called a trip wire) that allows them to get a bigger solution or take a bigger action right away. 


TWO: Nurture your new subscribers and then make your offer - your package, your service. But sooner rather than later. 


THREE: Straight up offer a call with you, whether it’s a sales call or a free coaching call that you convert into a sales call so you build know like trust and start filling your calendar with potential client calls. 


I can’t stress enough how important it is to make a paid offer available as soon as possible especially if you have a powerful sales process in place because your ideal clients will be biting at the bait to get a solution… and you are just that. 


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