Show Up and Blow UP

 I wanted to come share this simple but effective strategy I use to start my week off on a high note as well as some of the actual activities I put into place to make sure I hit goals and crush them.

Ready to show up big time this week? I hope that was a heck yeah I heard!

See it all starts with that decision to actually show up, even when you don't want to! Because ATTITUDE plays a big role in your success story as I mention in this post but back to my simple easy to follow steps I go through at the beginning of each week:

1. I get clear on what I want to accomplish

What are your goals for the week? Every Monday I encourage my ladybosses in the Facebook Group to set goals and be held accountable and then we check in because I know that life gets busy and sometimes we need a gentle nudge and reminder to keep on track

But I want you to get clear on what you want to accomplish and then GET IT DONE!

2. I get my mind right

It's all about that attitude. Get you mind in the game and then do whatever you have to, to keep it there!

Whether it's reading, affirmations, journalling or reading you are only as strong as you think you are.

So think it, believe it and achieve it.

3. I try to do things ONCE but have it work for me over and over again

I automate as much as I can.

I do not want to be the weakest link in my business.

In fact I rather there be no weak links so I automate like crazy so when I go on vacation my business is still producing. And why not automate the first time around instead of trying to play catch up after?

Whether it's scheduling my posts out once and letting it rip, creating a custom sales/ marketing funnel or creating several pieces of content from one initial idea... I'm all about automating and making it as simple as possible.

Are you the weakest link in your business?


4. I do what it takes...

Yeah I hustle my pretty buns off but in a way that isn't stressful, because I am all about working as smart as I possibly can.

Making money and being successful it's easy but its the ground work that's the hard work.

Actually believing you can do it.

Laying the foundation of your empire so it stands against whatever storms will come it's way and believe me there will be storms...

You need to SHOW UP every single day in your business and determine to BLOW UP, know that you will be successful and that takes some hustle, automation and whole lotta attitude

So, what will you focus on accomplishing this week?

How will you work smarter and more efficiently?

And most importantly will you make the decision to SHOW UP no matter what?