The "Secret" to Attracting Clients on Autopilot as an Online Coach

I know you believe that something as good as booking clients on autopilot must be complicated and there must be some secret that is being kept from you.

Well I'm answering a question I get asked a lot in some form or the other: "What is the secret behind you being able to book clients on autopilot?"

get coaching clients on autopilot

Truth is, it's not complicated and it's not some elusive secret... 

The Answer: Your Email List.

You've probably heard that the “money is in the list” before but… what is often left out is that the money is only in the list if it’s built correctly from the start.


Imagine: You have a $2,000 package and you want to book 5 clients into this package.

You have about 100 subscribers on your email list and you send out a series of emails and content to your email list of subscribers who already know you, like you and trust you.


The content and emails are designed to introduce and launch your offer and fill those five spots.


With a small list you've just booked $10,000 in clients!


These are just examples showing you what's possible.

But here's the deal: the secret to attracting clients on autopilot isn’t just building a huge list - as you’ve seen before you don’t need a big list. It’s all about the quality of that list and positioning your subscribers to see your offer as the solution and therefore converting them into being hot prospects.

So how exactly does that work?

First off you need to attract the right potential clients and convert them into subscribers.

To do this you need content. Most coaches create content because they “heard they should” - however every piece of content you create should have a specific goal attached to it.

The first goal is to attract potential subscribers. These content pieces will work for you over and over to attract your ideal clients for you so, once you’ve done the work once it will continue to work for you over and over again.

Once you’ve attracted them next up is converting them into being subscribers.

To do this you’ll create a sweet gift for them that they just can’t resist called an opt-in offer / lead magnet or as I call it a client magnet. This converts the BEST PROSPECTS into being sibscribers and now they are even closer to being clients.

Once they become subscribers now you can nurture and build know like trust so that when you do make an offer it’s more likely to convert.

Your next goal is to build know like and trust with your new subscribers.

To do this you will create a series of emails that takes your new subscriber from not having a clue who you are to becoming a part of your community, seeing you as THE SOLUTION and that you are the best expert and person to help them accomplish their goal.

Yes - it is simple, and yes there are a few things you can do to sweeten the pot and move the needle a bit further along and faster BUT the main secret behind clients on autopilot is having a group of potential clients you can make an offer to that are more likely to say yes.


That’s the secret - building an email list that is filled with hot prospects that you can get your offer in front of that are more likely to convert to paying clients.


The best part? You can implement this all as well as long as you have the steps. Want the free guide with all the steps and more? Download it free below now. 

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