Pinterest Profit - Pinterest Traffic hacks for Coaches

“Pinterest Profit” Traffic Hacks for Coaches

Day 3 of the #5traffictips series.

Check out Day 2 here now. Brought to you by the Build that coaching Funnel Challenge.



Today’s blog is all about how you can get started with pinterest, and what I do to capitalize on pinterest traffic.


Again, if you are using social media for business (which you definitely should), choose 1 -2 platforms that you want to rock it out on and just be consistent with those platforms.


These tips are meant to support you in choosing your platforms and developing an online presence without working hours and hours per day.

Let’s dive on in.


Pinterest Profit Tip #1: Add a “Pin it Button” to your images on your site.

Make it easy for your visitors to show you love and drive even more traffic to your website.



Pinterest profit Tip #2: Optimize your Images for Pinning

Make them the right size, make them gorgeous and make them stand out in the pinterest feed!


Pinterest Profit Tip #3: Give your “pinners” a reason to click on your image

Add your incentive directly on your image.


What will they get when they click through? Give a direct BENEFIT on your image as to why they need to click and take action right then.


Pinterest Profit Tip #4: Determine what you want people to do once they click through

What specific action do you want them to take once they click on your image?


Don’t make it complicated keep it super simple.

EX:  Buy your product, book a discovery call, hop on your list


Stick to one reason and optimise your post / page for it.


Pinterest profit Tip #5: Decide whether this will be a major part of your strategy or whether it will play a supporting role in your strategy.

If you plan on making it a big part dedicate specific time to planning your pins, being consistent and really ramping up the traffic.



Pinterest plays a very small role in my strategy, but still yields consistent traffic back to my site, so ask yourself how big of a role will it play in your strategy?


What good is traffic without a funnel?


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