Perfect your Sales Process (and never chase, hunt or rabidly pursue coaching clients again)

When I got started online it was mind blowing to me that I could work with tons of women all over the world, 

women just like me who wanted to build a better life for themselves and their kids all from the comfort of their home. 

When I started coaching I quickly realized that my dream "freedom based business" was fast becoming a prison. I was a slave to my computer, to my clients and to the internet!

You've probably seen the pictures and watched the videos of women who spend time with their kids, go to the gym, actually sleep at night and take regular vacations and wonder how on earth is that even possible. 


You want to build a profitable coaching business that does more than pay the bills... BUT you don't want to compromise. 


What if you could: 

  • attract your ideal clients consistently (even when you weren't actively working on your business) 
  • build a community and following of raving fans that love everything you create - free and paid 
  • convert potential clients into paying clients who don't think "I can't afford it" but say "where do I pay" 
  • Clients on Demand, in hands free mode? 


So so possible. 

Perfect your Sales Process (and never chase, hunt or rabidly pursue coaching clients again).png


Enter Perfect Your Sales Process a 12 week 1:1 service which shows you not only what you need to implement to start attracting and converting your clients on autopilot, 

but also HOW TO execute each step so you can repeat the process over and over again without having to buy expensive courses to show you how, hire another copywriter who just doesn't get it or sign on V.A. after V.A. to figure it out for you... 


Perfect your Sales Process: How to Use the Power of a Sales Process to Convert Potential Clients into Paying Clients (Without having to use Icky, Sales, Sleazy Sales Tactics that make you want to Gouge your eyes Out)


Here is what you can expect during our 12 weeks together: 

Customized Strategy and Flawless Execution to get you taking intentional action and whipping your sales machine into high gear. 

    • Gain insane clarity around your ideal client, perfect your package(s) and find your ideal clients online so that you nail your targeting, you know exactly where to position yourself online and your only create offers that sell like hot cakes.
    • Craft your custom content strategy, create a daily game plan and a strategy to start booking calls with your ideal clients so that you never have to worry about what content to create again or what you need to do on a daily basis.
    • Let’s build your funnel and start attracting and nurturing your ideal clients in hands free so your business will keep running even when you’re enjoying a 3 day spa weekend.
    • Your ultimate traffic strategy so that you can fill your funnel with highly targeted potential clients that fall in love with you at first sight.
    • Your First Live Event: It’s time to build your list, launch your packages in a major way, and get some sales calls on your calendar (let’s work smarter not harder).
    • We master your sales call strategy and plug all those leaky holes your clients may be slipping through so that your conversion rates increase over time and you get more out of each sales call that you host


This 12 week service is completely customized to you and your business, so while this is a an overview of what we will cover, your business calls the shots! 

Perfect your Sales Process is for the Woman Coach who wants to build and market her coaching business online (without the months of guess work and late nights filled with frustration). 


Here is what Life looks like After:

  • You book clients without having to host sales calls - unless you really want to
  • You have an email list full of your ideal clients who eagerly await your next offer
  • You work with dream clients who make you bounce up and down in your chair every time you receive an email
  • You actually have a waiting list in place with eager potential clients who can’t wait to work with you
  • You confidently book and convert sales calls with confidence and class
  • You actually take vacations in your business because your business runs smoothly even when you’re not around
  • You’re being asked as a guest on podcasts and being featured on blogs - oh my!
  • You know what the outside of your home looks like because you’ve finally released the ball and chain of your laptop and home office


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