7 Fairy Tales, Myths and Lies you Believe about Sales and Funnels as an Online Coach that's costing you Paying Clients

Part 1: Perfect Your Sales Process (and never chase, hunt or rabidly pursue coaching clients again


Growing up I loveddddd fairy tales, I would read over a book a day when left to myself. 

Fairies, gnomes, pixies - you name it. 


Now you'd think that as adults we would be done believing these fairy tales - the funny thing is most of the time we make up this stuff on our own or we hear someone else say something, it sounds true enough and voila we believe it. 


Well... today I'm debunking 7 fairy tales / mythical stories you believe about Funnels, sales and building a profitable coaching business that's lifestyle focussed. (I.E. you actually get to LIVE your life!)



And at the end whichever of these you believed you no longer will and you'll be well on you way to more clients, PayPal notifications and days filled serving Dream clients you love. 


Sounds good? Let's go! 

7 Fairy Tales, Myths and Lies your Believe about Sales and Funnels as an Online Coach that's costing your Paying Clients


Fairytale #1 : Funnels are complicated. 

I love funnels - and it really hurts me deep down when most women entrepreneurs dismiss funnels because they think that they’re super complicated and hard to understand. 


I know it sounds so much easier to just journal and repeat some fancy affirmations (all of which have their place) BUT let’s be real, funnels make the world go around… or at least makes your coaching business go around. 


Funnels are as complicated as you make them and for you an online coach all you need are 4 - 6 step funnels. Not the spider web funnels we see all around the internet. 


You have one goal: get booked with clients. Attract consistent clients. So your funnel is focussed on helping you accomplish that. 


Truth - Funnels are fun and simple once you know exactly how to set them up. 


Fairy Tale #2: You need expensive tools and software. WRONG. 

You can build your funnel with free tools and software. 

I recommend some very inexpensive tools that allow you to do a lot more than your free tools would. 


Want in on how many tools I use in my own personal funnel? 


TWO! That’s it. 


So nope… you don’t need expensive tools and software. 


Truth - you just need the right tools that allow you to accomplish the goals you set for the funnels you build. 


Fairy Tale #3: You need to hire an entire team to keep your sales process going. 

You’ve sold yourself on this idea that you funnel will need a team of it’s own to keep it up and running. 


Wrong again. 


Once you create your funnel and implement it into your sales process it will work long and hard for you way after you’ve built it. 

That’s the beauty of you learning how to do it on your own so you don’t have to hire someone every single time you need to optimize something in your funnel or build another funnel. 


Truth: Your funnel and sales process can run on it’s own, and if you know how to build one funnel you can build another. 

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Fairy Tale #4: Funnels are for 6 Figure coaches


“I’ll wait until I’m making 6 figures and then I’ll use funnels” 

Common idea amongst coaches - well without your funnel and your sales process in place you’ll prolong your journey to making 5 and/or 6 figures in your business. 


You will constantly be hustling for clients,

You will attract a lot of the wrong clients 

and you will have to fight tooth and nail to be paid what you’re worth. 


If that sounds good - then by all means try it out. 


BUT if you prefer to constantly attract paying clients even when you aren’t actively working, 

if you would rather have a source of potential clients on the ready whenever you have availabilities in your coaching business then you need to implement a winning sales funnel into your sales process. 


Truth: Sales Funnels get you to 6 Figures. 


Fairy Tale #5: It takes forever and a day to build a funnel. 


“But… I don’t have time to build a funnel it’ll take way too long!” 


I’ve built complete funnels in less than 4 hours… and yes I’m an expert at this so like my physics teacher always said - if it takes me 4 hours it should take you 8 - 12. 


I’m not saying that you need to sit at your computer and crank out an entire funnel but with the right steps and guidance you can have a winning funnel up and running in no time.


Truth: You can have an entire funnel in play in just hours. 



Fairy Tale #6: Funnels don't work for high end services and premium packages


The reason funnels aren’t working for most coaches is because the funnels built aren’t created as part of a sales process, they’re just thrown together and hopefully something will work. 


You funnel is a piece of a bigger system that when implemented will draw potential clients in and churn dream paying clients out. 


You can attract high paying clients with funnel and TRUTH: Funnels do work for coaches who offer high end services and premium packages



Fairy Tale #7: You suck at sales so having a sales process is out of the question


Here’s the hard truth - saying you suck at sales is an excuse, and it’s a story you’re telling yourself. 


Because you keep saying it - you finally believe it and so you get the results you expect. Sales mastery can be learnt and what’s even better sales can be customized so you can prepare your potential clients to say YES before or without even hosting a sales call. 


That my friend is the power of an EPIC sales process. 

That is exactly what we build together over the course of 12 weeks inside Perfect your Sales Process. 


TRUTH: You need a Sales Process if you want to enjoy leisurely weekends, if you want to ditch the constant cycle of overworking yourself and hustling for clients, if you’re ready to increase your prices and know that your dream clients will pay, if you finally want to go to lunch and order what you really want instead of what you can afford.

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Download the Free Cheatsheet


Download the Cheatsheet and Perfect your Client Converting Sales Process Instantly!

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