My Unusual Strategy for Booking Tons of Discovery Calls and Paying Clients

Everyone does things differently,

and every business is unique but one thing my clients have in common is that their business is a lifestyle business - meaning it facilitates the lifestyle they desire. 

When I got started online I knew I didn't want to work hours and hours each day and so I had to come up with a plan to make money in my business but work smarter and get results.


I had to build a business that was capable of running on its own.

What kind of business do you want?

What does it look like on a day to day level?


Here's what I do that was a lot different to other online coaches when I got started:


I started using marketing funnels - and sales funnels.


Maybe you've heard of marketing and sales funnels and they sent you running in terror in the opposite direction but the truth is they are the key to working a whole lot smarter than you probably are right now.


What is a funnel anyway?


For simplicity - imagine a funnel. (guess where they got the name from) 

At the top you have your traffic - people who don't know you yet. So that's a lot of people, then as you go through the funnel less and less people can fit because it gets smaller and smaller...


At the very bottom coming out you want paying clients and customers. This is where you make you money.

When done right this is all automated.

It's a hands free strategy to help you book more discovery calls and land paying clients.

Step 1: Get people Into the Funnel (not everyone will go in and that's a good thing!) These new members of your funnel will be your subscribers.

Step 2: Convert your new subscribers into people who LOVE you and what you have to offer

Step 3: Get them to the point of a potential client or customer. They know they have a problem and you are a potential solution

Step 4: Paying Client - you are the solution and they have paid you to help them with their problem.


This is a super simple representation of a funnel but I know the wheels in your head are starting to turn as to how you can stop pumping hours and energy into your business and start working a whole lot less and living a lot more!

So what does this mean for you and your business?


You don't have to go client by client by client anymore - you can start operating on a bigger level. You can attracting tons of your ideal clients and converting more of your ideal clients at once.

I like to refer to my sales and marketing funnel as my online sales machine.

It just keeps working for me long after I have done the work on it.

Ready to build your own online sales machine?

Start attracting your ideal clients CONSISTENTLY

Booking discovery calls at will

Converting your potential clients into paying clients?


All while working a whole lot smarter and less than you are right now? (thank you brand new sales machine)


Go below and schedule a free discovery call and let's see how we can work together to build your dream lifestyle service based business that allows you to make your dream lifestyle - REALITY.