Mistakes, Lessons & My Dream Business


I've been online in the digital marketing niche now for over 4 years! Boy how time flies!!! 


I remember starting my business through tears, a broken heart and the only thing that kept me going my bab girls hugs and kisses and baby "I love you's" that only us mamas understand.


#1 When I first got started I was going to be the best vegan mom blogger ever! I had no idea how I was going to make money with the blog it was really just for fun...


Oh yes, I grew my community, even sold a few "green, earth friendly" products but it wasn't really a thriving business and to be honest the business model sucked. I also realised that this was not what I wanted to do long term at all...


#2 I became an affiliate marketer with one of the leading affiliate marketing companies

Now I actually made a profit in this company in a couple weeks of joining actually and to be honest learnt ALOT of my digital marketing here in this company but seeing them take A TON of my commissions was not fun!


I was working around the clock trying to "automate" but I had to spend way too much time blogging way too often and doing way too much to get most of money taken from me.


Needless to say it was time for a switch.


#3 I joined another company and became a big team leader

That was when I discovered coaching, or coaching discovered me.


It was also the first time I created my own training product for a whopping $37 and helped other entrepreneurs like me start to turn profits in their business to the point that 7 figure earners asked ME to teach my strategies in their online Academies... Say what?


I was stoked ( I was still online for less than a year here) and was actualy scraping by enough to take care of my daughter but it still wasn't lighting me up.


#4 I started doing random affiliate launches and making some fast money with them.


This is when I started to get tons of messages and people asking for my help and this is where I started to freelance for a few years... building websites, creating graphics, setting up Facebook Ads, Writing blog posts and email sequences and even some coaching (I didn't know that was a thing yet) I thought that this "was the life" because I was pretty much creating money on demand but it wasn't fulfilling - it wasn't a self sustaining business model and then when I learnt about "Coaching" as a business I was very very interested!


I honestly don't remember who the first person was that I heard talking about but because I had done so much different online business models before I didn't want to leave my safe business I had going on and just jump head first into launching a new business.


So I tip toed into it... and I found out that I was good at coaching!


I had so many testimonials and got such great feedback I thought to myself why not make this my actual business model... but you know us women we like to "think about stuff first" when looking back there really was nothing to think about.


A few months ago I started coaching part time ( I was still in school, and still a single mom *nothing changing there* and still not 100% if this was it.


After working with over 100 women in the past few months, free and paid, and diving into coaching I asked myself the tough question:


Would I coach and do what I do if I was not making money?


Heck yes I would!


I love responding to emails, tweets, posts in my group.


My Facebook Group has become my pride and joy and the best part? Emails from women who like me turned to entrepreneurship to escape whatever situation the were in and realising it was more than just an escape it was a life calling.


To be honest with you I probably shouldn't have called the above "mistakes" they're all lessons and lessons well learnt.


Here is one BIG Thing that I have learnt and if you take nothing else away from this please take this lesson. 


Don't just work with ANYONE. Screen your potential clients, whether it's with an application, discovery call or both. You do not want to work with clients that are not your dream clients.


I have, because getting started I didn't know any better I thought I could help anyone.


But the truth is you can't help the person who does not want to be helped. 

The person who shows up with ZERO enthusiasm and who has ZERO hustle or will to succeed.


When I got clear on who I wanted to work with my dream clients started to show up by the truck load and I want to share with you how you can manifest dream clients in my new free 5 day challenge. 


You see, it doesn't have to be hard,

And you do not have to learn my lessons the hard way.


You can just take the end result - the "what works" and run with it!


Ready to Manifest Dream Clients?

If you are down for 5 days of step by step how - to along with worksheets to make this super fun and a masterclass to pull it all together go below to join me! No opt-in necessary and I will see you January 1st!