Making Money is Easy



One of the things I am BIG on is knowing your message and nailing it. 

I also share that it doesn't all fall into your lap in a day or 2 sometimes it takes a while... 


Sometimes years, it's staying true to what you believe in that time that matters most. 


And for me I knew my message was all about being free to be you unapolegetically, I also knew that I was a boss at online strategy and digital marketing but I wasn't sure how to bring together everything in one perfect hot magnetic message. 


Did I pause and say, hmmm... let me wait until I figure this out to work with clients? NOPE. 


I kept creating products, working with clients and building my dream business. 


And then voila! this morning while talking to my daughter (4 years old) it was like a light bulb just went off... 


And that's where today's blog post comes in... 


Making Money is EASY... 


I know, it's not what you expected but it's still the truth. 


You probably think that it takes so much hours and effort to make a sustainable living online and even blow your mind and your wildest dreams when it comes to your income but the truth is it doesn't. 


And by the end of this blog post you will learn the 2 things it comes down to and you will never look at making money the same way again. 


My mission is to help female online entrepreneurs realize that they do not have to give up their life to build their dream business. 


It's all about creating a business that works for you and generates consistent income for you long after you put the work into it.


I want you to ask yourself what does your dream life look like?

Don't be realistic, dream big.


How many days per week do you work? 



How many hours per day do you work? 



How many times do you travel per year, per month? 



Where do you visit in the world? 



Will you run from the cold and towards the sunshine like I do? 



What does your dream life really look like? 



Guess what? 


It's all possible. 


You can make a lot of money doing what you love and you can do what you love every single day... 


It's possible


Yup, it really is, and it comes down to 2 things:



If you've been following me for a while you're probably thinking but you've been talking about this forever! 

I know right, and sometimes our message is so clear to our community and tribe but it's a mystery to us because hey, us humans love to over think stuff and that's why it's so important to keep DOING consistently even if you think you're still confused and not quite sure because [Tweet "clarity comes when you take action via @kelitackellman"] 


Tweet that gorgeous! 





You have gotta get your mind right. 


Do whatever it takes to start thinking like the lady boss you are. 

For me it took years, and a lot of money to learn what I will share with you on my blog here so be sure to follow on twitter so you know when something new goes live, 


But you really need to MAKE A DECISION to step up and start THINKING like a lady boss, 

Make a decision to BE the woman that you want to be even before you're ready



There's no one thing that will result in your break through. 

It could be anything but if you don't start showing up then guess what... 

It won't happen. 


It's not magic, it does take action on your part. 


And it does take you making that decision. 


Yes, making money is easy but sometimes getting to the point where you BELIEVE that it's easy? 

That's the hard work. 


Getting in to the habit of being and thinking like the woman who makes as much money as she wants and lives the life of her dreams? 


That's the hard work... 


But newsflash: It's your life, your dream, how bad do you really want it?





I could talk about this all day. 

Look, if going person to person is your thing then that's cool... no hard feelings promise. 

But what if you could make an IMPACT. 


FASTER, BIGGER on a larger scale than you probably even dreamed of? 


Work with your dream clients and create the stuff you actually cared about and still have the time and energy to play with your kids and go to the beach and spa and spend time doing the stuff that MEMORIES are made of? 


I'll be the first to tell you that I love what I do so much that I become a bit of a work-a-holic without thinking about it, 

but I'm a systems girl so if I need to schedule self care then I do it. 


And if it's scheduled it's done right? Ha, sometimes anyway. 


But if you are doing what you love you never work a day in your life, but if what you want to do is not digital marketing, and blogging and messaging and posting and sending email after email but you spend half your day doing it any way you'll be pretty miserable, 

especially if you aren't getting the results you deserve. 



So why do it? 


Why work hard if you don't have to? 


That's where automation comes in. 


Of course you can't automate EVERYTHING but you can automate some of the tedious tasks you're probably doing right now like lead generation, 

building your community and online presence

getting consistent targeted traffic and more



So... this is what I will be sharing with you here on my blog... 


How to be unapologetically you and how to make money without taking years to do it by focusing on your ATTITUDE AND ON AUTOMATION


The best of both worlds...



Ready to start automating I created a free course just for you called AUTOMATE. 


Download it by clicking here. 


And then let me know in the comments how you plan on changing your attitude around making money the easy way.