What does it really Mean to Book Clients on Autopilot as an online Coach?

For many of us women who are building our online coaching business we have a similar goal and dream for our business.

The Dream - being able to build your online business that not only pays the bills but allows you some of the luxuries (if not all) that you dream of.

But first, where do you get started?

What is the BEST STEP to take when launching your online coaching / service based business?

Answer: You need to have a system, a process, a strategy in place to start booking clients consistently in your business.

If your business isn’t attracting clients then you aren’t in business - period. Clients are the way you make your money and… as a coach or service provider not only do you want to attract clients but you want to do so on a consistent basis and on autopilot so the overwhelm of having to chase clients and hustle day in and day out is eliminated. 

get coaching clients online

Now let’s look at THE BIG PICTURE: What does it really take to book clients on autopilot?

  1. Strategic Content - not just creating content because you "have to" but creating content that is focussed on helping you accomplish your main goal: book clients online. That means that your content needs to not only be compelling and converting but highly intentional and focused on your overall goal. 

  2. Simple Funnel - this will automate most of the heavy lifting that you would normally do manually. This funnel will attract your ideal clients to you, convert them into fans and high quality prospects and make attracting and booking clients who are ready to buy much much simpler. 

  3. Strategy you can take all the way to the bank and not just throwing any and everything at your business that is hot at the moment. You need a strategy you're confident in and consistent with and that's when you'll start to see the results you want. 


See the reason why most women coaches aren’t attracting paying clients on autopilot is because they’re just throwing strategies and marketing techniques around with no intention behind them.

  • You need to have goals for your business that you can aim for (strategically)
  • You need to have a reason WHY you’re doing the activities you are doing (working with intention)
  • You need a strategy and a plan you believe in
  • And then you need consistency in implementing the strategy


Let’s take a look at what booking clients on autopilot LOOKS LIKE for you in your business:

  • You attract only the best quality potential subscribers
  • You have a list of quality potential clients you communicate with and nurture
  • Your email list churns out hot prospects who want what you have to offer
  • You convert prospects into paying clients over and over again on demand

No more chasing and wonder what to do next - you know what activities to focus on and what activities will get you clients


You can work less hours but make a bigger impact on your audience and your business,

You eliminate the constant stressful hustle mode and move into working like a boss and business owner - with purpose,

You generate consistent clients and income

You avoid the frustration, burn-out and overwhelm that almost seems to be inevitable these days.


Booking clients on autopilot shouldn't be a myth or a story you hear about from other online coaches, a dream that's out of reach. Booking clients on autopilot isn’t a theory - it’s a science. Not only that it’s also SIMPLE once you know what to do.

When you have a process, a strategy and someone to guide you while building your business the way it should be from the ground up you can't help but get the results you deserve sooner rather than later.


Most women coaches give up on their businesses because they just don't know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and in what order.  That does not have to be you - it's exactly why I created Clients on Autopilot so you can have the steps, the guidance and at the end the business that can attract your paying clients on autopilot.


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