Live Streaming made Easy for Coaches

Video converts… there’re no ifs and or buts about it but… if you’re like me and just can’t be bothered with extensive editing and prepping then live streaming is about to become your new best friend.


Especially as a coach - who wants to book premium clients - which requires you to build relationships and show off your expertise.

Live streaming allows you to do both with one click of the “go live” button.


Live video is taking the online world by storm and it’s why it’s a part of most of my client’s marketing strategies. The thing is the biggest social media networks are integrating live video in some form or fashion:


First periscope and now YouTube and Facebook.


This post will focus on Facebook Live mainly because that’s what I use regularly in my Facebook group BOOKED!  and where I have seen massive success in my coaching business.



Here’s how this entire blog post came about…


I did a bit of testing because hey it's what I do because my past clients and other members of my community have been asking about this lately:

Where should I live stream (on my page or Facebook group)

Can I just share my live stream from my page to my Facebook Group?

and... How can I get more viewers to my live stream.


I posted this on social media and realised hey - a lot of people would really benefit from this information… (and in case you’re wondering yes I post awesome stuff like this for my VIPs inside my FREE group for coaches all - the - time. So join… like NOW!


On to the results of my awesome test.


I personally prefer live streaming in my group - I got 10x more viewers (replay viewers included) and here's why I think that is the case: my group members have taken that extra step to be in my group and know me more... they’re more engages (click more, read more, buy more).


Now if you're super active on your page and you want to invest in Facebook Ads to get more video views, which I did for a while in the past I recommend utilizing the live stream feature in your group/


Sharing the video into other groups was a good strategy to get more views from other people’s audiences (especially if your group is smaller), but again members in my group who watched my videos often grew to know like trust me faster and were more likely to take action and take our relationship to the next step.


3 Things that Work to Get More Viewers:

>>plan it like an actual webinar. Set a time, a date and then do it that way

>> have an incentive for live attendees - maybe a time limited checklist, free call?

>>live stream more often (when I did 2 - 3 live streams per day my attendance was way high) - if you're like me and video is second nature that's really nothing: plan out some topics, talk about it for about 10 minutes at a go - depending on questions.


The beauty of live streaming is all you need to do is pick up your phone and start talking!



Getting more conversions from live streams:

>> Actually plan out your call to actions - want them to buy? TELL THEM.

>>Want them to schedule a call? TELL THEM.

>>Want them on your list? - you guessed it, TELL THEM.


Choose a specific call to action and focus your live stream on that alone.


Most importantly - have fun with it, pretend you're on a live video chat with your favorite friend and just go with the flow! It really is that simple.

Let me know if you have any questions about using live stream to get clients (it's been a huge part of my marketing strategy and I really wanted to share with you! Drop any comments or questions in the comments below )


And don't forget to download your live streaming cheat sheet - just for coaches who want to use live streaming to attract paying clients!