List Building made Simple for Coaches

“Build yo list” - says everyone…

But WHY? HOW? WHEN? WHAT are you even talking about? 


Let’s turn it back and get started from the top. What is an email list? Why do I need to build my list as a coach? and where and how do I even get started? 


list building for coaches

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What is an email list?

An email list is a "list" or group of people who are held in an autoresponder (a fancy tool used to keep your subscribers and send them emails all at once) that give you permission to send them emails. 

For examples I use convertkit to house all of my subscribers and email them tips, hacks, training, lessons etc regularly using this tool instead of using my gmail account to send emails to thousands of people. 


Using an autoresponder has it's benefits including but not limited to: 

  • tracking information related to your subscribers
  • creating forms and syncing with other awesome software like leadpages to make your list building branded and highly converting
  • automate your entire email marketing process
  • and much more

Check out convertkit and leadpages for more information. 

Why build your list?


Reason #1: and arguably the most important reason: you own your list.

Getting busy on social is all well and good but when the algorithm changes… again or a platform just decides to shut the show down for whatever reason (it happens), or if a platform just isn't "hot anymore (remember myspace?) you still have your own community and main headquarters in the form of your email list.


Reason #2 - It’s a highly targeted group of potential buyers.

Those on your list have raised their hands and said hey: I like what you have going on or at the very least they want your free stuff… and so have qualified themselves as someone who want the solution your have to offer. 


PRO ADVICE: Your email subscribers are more likely to convert into paying clients or customers as long as you qualify them (more on that in a bit) 


Reason #3 - It’s an effective way to get in front of your community consistently.

Let’s be real most platforms you need to pay to play or know some ninja techniques to make them work for you…

Email is still email - Write email. Send email. Email received, you know how that goes.


Question of the year:: "How do you get your ideal clients to get on your list?"


It’s simple. We bribe them…

Ethically of course ;)


Offer a free gift that they would absolutely love in exchange for their email address.


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Here are some of the most effective strategies for getting more of your ideal clients on your email list.


Content Upgrades


Create content and then at the end add a call to action but instead of calling your viewers to action with your “everyday opt -in offer” upgrade that content and offer something related to your blog, video, live stream, social media post - whatever your current content strategy is.


For example, this post is all about list building and instead of offering you a free gift on creating coaching packages I’m making you a free offer to grab the Lucrative Guide to List Building. 


Keep it related!


Give your Community what they WANT


You’re the expert and sometimes it can get so easy to offer what you know they NEED based on you being the expert.


Instead it’s time to get inside their heads.


What are the questions they are asking?

What are they struggling with?

What is a NOW problem that you can solve and therefore gain their undying gratitude?


Deliverability and Ease of Consumption


What method will you use to deliver the free gift?

What’s the easiest way for them to consume it and therefore what will they find extremely appealing?


If your ideal client is a busy mom-preneur then a pdf is much more appealing than a 3 part video series (that she just might fall asleep in)


How actionable is your offer?


Can they easily and quickly implement whatever it is?

Will they actually use it?

Focus on just ONE SPECIFIC thing at a time and create something that encourages them to take action


Example: planners - will be used daily or weekly depending on what they are used for

Desktop wallpapers - will be used and will remind them of you

Checklist - easy to download and implement


And the list goes on and on…


Here's a quick snapshot of what it looks like to build your list: 

You want to attract your ideal potential clients to you first and foremost. (Usually with content - social media posts, blog posts, videos, podcasts etc) 

You're more than likely selling a premium package so your ideal client so your ideal client probably isn't going to drop a couple (or more) thousands of dollars within minutes of meeting your online so now you want to build that relationship and trust even more by offering them a free gift that showcases your expertise and positions you and your solution as THE BEST OPTION for them. 

Here are 10 ideas to get you going. 

And then you consistently follow-up and communicate with your ideal clients via email marketing. 

You want to consistently communicate with them so they stay top of mind. I recommend on average 3 days per week. 


Here’s the sum of this post. You need to build your list.

It’s not as difficult as you probably thought it was.


It all gets started with you getting started.


And most importantly being consistent with your list building efforts.

Most online entrepreneurs will tell you that their income increases with their list size.


Download the List Building Guide below now, choose your first move to make from the 10 listed and then comment below and let me know which one you decided on!