Lessons learnt while building my 6 Figure Business in 2016

2016 was my year. Kinda different to the stories being told all over social media right?

Hear me out though... I promise it'll be worth it.



At the beginning of the year I reinforced a belief i have had for a long time: “there are no mistakes just lessons learnt”. And this year has been a year of insane learning.


I want to share with you my top 5 lessons learnt that I will be taking into 2017 with the hope that you can learn from my lessons and shorten your own learning curve.

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#1. Mindset is Everything

I got started as a digital marketing coach so I am all about the strategy but this year I spent a lot of time learning about self mastery, honing my mindset practice and conquering my mind.

Success starts within.

It starts with first believing.

Every goal I set and truly believed in I was able to accomplish.

Staying consistent with my mindset work and not letting it slip in the “good times” or even the “tough times” was extremely crucial.

Pro Tip: Try journalling. Dumping all the gunk from your brain first thing and then coming up with some inspired action steps is priceless.

Pro Tip #2: Crafting intentions DAILY. Super important. You want to be able to not only think it but write them down: seeing something in your own handwriting is beyond powerful.

Pro tip #3: Visualise the outcome. Seeing yourself accomplishing what you’re working towards and then acting as if. Don’t wait until you’re making 10K, 20K per month start acting and reacting like the woman who is already making it happen.

#2. Investing in my Success

This leads directly into this next lesson. Investing.

So many coaches want to get by without investing into their business whether it’s money or time.

At the beginning of my business I got started by investing A LOT of time into my business. Eventually I wanted to save time and started to invest into my business monetarily.

There’s a lot of fear about investing.

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I don’t make my investment back?

YOU are the only guarantee in your investment. I’ve bought a ton of products over the course of my online career (about 5 years) and if we’re being honest I haven’t cracked open most of them, but this year the lesson that I will learn from and implement in 2017 is that EVERY INVESTMENT I make in 2017 I will put 100% of my effort into.

I just hired my coach for 2017, it was a huge investment - and one I made based on Faith trust me, some investments are pulled from “thin air” but in order to take your business to the next level, in order to be the best for my clients I need to consistently increase my skill set, and be held accountable and have the support to be the best.

How can you uplevel yourself?

How can you enhance your self mastery?

How can you shorten your learning curve?

What investments do you need to make?


Pro Tip: Not every investment made you’ll “have the money” but to get something out of your business you will need to put something in.

Pro tip #2: Look for the results from your investments. It may not always be what you think it will be but there will be lessons learnt, you can learn something from every product, program and/or coach you invest in.

Pro Tip #3: Focus on self mastery. How can you be better for yourself and for your clients/ business?



#3. Focus on the Client Attraction Activities

Remember I mentioned that I invested a lot of time at the beginning of my business? A lot of that time was spent learning - on free webinars, taking challenges, downloading pdfs, listening to podcasts, reading blogs…

And while none of those things are bad… I didn’t do much implementing at the beginning and that is where I made my big mistake.

I was learning but I wasn’t doing.

The big shift I made was to start doing more, and learning less.

I already knew it all… everything I needed to hit my first 5 figure month was already inside but I was stuck in learning mode instead of launching mode.

Once I took the leap and started implementing the activities that would allow me to start booking calls, and landing paying clients that’s when my business started to grow and ultimately it’s how I was able to have my first 6 figure year online.

What are Client Attraction Activities?

These are the activities that will ultimately lead to a paying client.

Activities where you will get more potential clients on the phone with you.

Where you attract more potential clients on to your list and into your community.

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#4. I put my blinders on

One of the main reasons for inconsistency is comparing myself to others. What are they doing? Am I doing this right?

Should I be doing what they are doing?

When in reality - we already have what we need inside of us.

What I needed was a coach to hold me accountable, and to ditch the comparisonitis and just “do me”.

I finally unsubscribed from a ton of newsletters,

Left several groups

Chose TWO social media platforms to focus my energy on

Simplicity really is bliss when building an online coaching business, and comparisonitis will kill your branding if left untended.

Newsflash: You are already perfect for your ideal clients.

Pro Tip: Evaluate which social media platforms you NEED to be on to build your business

Pro Tip #2: Use unroll.me to manage your inbox or just unsibscribe the old fashioned way

Pro Tip #3: Get clear on your messaging and your branding. Find your VOICE and stick with it.



#5. I do what I want, when I want.

There was a time when I wanted to have the perfect “work life balance”

See… I am a single mom and I have been for almost 5 years and it is very important to me not to become a “statistic” as far as single moms.

I started my own business because I do want to have it all:

  • Build a successful career - business

  • Be the best mom I can be

  • Not have to say: “I can’t afford it” or always scraping to get by

And when I got started building my business my goal was to do all of this by mastering productivity.

I’ve worked with coaches and have talked to several entrepreneurs who have made me feel so guilty because in 5 years I have never taken a vacation. This year (this December) has been the first time I have dialed it down a notch…

But what I realised is: I love what I do.

I love working.

I love the hustle.

I love the chase… so why turn down if I don’t want to?

Why not consistently go “all the way up?”

Here’s the big lesson: You’re an entrepreneur for a reason. You get to call your own shots. There is no “rule book” you get to do “you” and if you want a more leisurely business that’s perfectly fine and here are some of my best tips:

  • Schedule everything - i schedule when I wake up, when I go to bed, my time with my daughter every single day, dinner time, workout time, dental appointments, doctor appointments. If it needs to happen it’s added to the google calendar or to an app on my phone that updates my calendar.

  • I automate a ton of stuff. Social media marketing, list building, community growth and more

  • I make space for the things I love in my business: blogging, emailing my email bffs (like you), interacting with my community, hanging out on social media - with intention

  • I make space for the things I love in my life: working out is a passion,vegan fitness and lifestyle, reading books, trying new restaurants and going to the beach and they’re also scheduled

  • Like I mentioned before I focus on my client attraction activities FIRST and anything else is a bonus

BONUS TIP: I started to make SALES a priority.

As women we invent this ickiness that goes with sales. We make excuses about WHY we should sell,

And what bonuses we need to add to validate our price point.

We shy away from asking for the sale not knowing that sales is service and the more clients we work with the more people we can help.

Sales became a daily part of my business.

It’s not always asking directly for someone to buy something but it was as simple as doing a client attraction activity, setting up a sales funnel, creating a sales page or sending an email with a solid call to action.


Bonus Tip #2: Funnels Funnels Fabulous Funnels

Seriously? Set forget and let it churn the clients out.

This has been a HUGE HUGE part of my business and the success I have seen in my coaching business.

(I promise I'll be sending a ton more details your way on this very very soon)


BONUS TIP #3: My success is non negotiable

(and so is the success of my clients)

Early on in our work together mindset work comes up. But most importantly BELIEF.

Setting an intention.

Knowing it’s a done deal.

Removing the HOW.

And just going after it with everything.



I hope these lessons are helpful to you going into 2017, and don't forget to join me inside the FREE VIP group let's take your business to the next level together!