Instagram Traffic Hacks for Coaches

As part of the 5 Traffic Tips Series I want to dive into how you can leverage instagram as an online coach.


I plan on sharing what works for ME personally so far using instagram.

Huge disclaimer, instagram is NOT my main platform of use BUT I still get traffic and traction from the platform and so I know if you decide to make it your main platform you will get BIG results.


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Why instagram?

One golden piece of advice when creating a social media strategy is that having an organic source of traffic + a paid source of traffic is golden. Being able to couple these 2 sources of traffic together will allow you to always have a steady stream of traffic towards your content + your funnel.


Instagram still allows you to get a very good organic reach. This means that you don’t have to pay to get in front of your potential clients!



Say What?



That is always a plus.



I’m going to share 5 hot traffic tips that you can implement right away over on the “gram” and start seeing results - getting more traffic - and getting in front of your ideal clients.



Let’s do this.



Traffic Tip #1

Add the link to your funnel or website into your bio. It’s a well known fact that links aren’t “clickable” on instagram so you have to leverage the one place that it is possible. I recommend alternating your links depending on your call to action for that day or week. (see tip #2)


Traffic Tip #2

Add a call to action to your content. Don’t just post and hope for the best ask your followers to take a specific action.


EX: Read the full blog over on my website, link is in the bio

Book a free discovery call with me - link is in the bio


Traffic Tip #3

Make your instagram posts “mini blog posts”. Really add some value to them, and make it worth the while of your followers to come back and check out your profile.


Ask yourself: “what would make my ideal client absolutely fall in love with my IG profile?”

And then do just that!

Traffic Tip #4

Run a challenge directly on your instagram account. Make it super specific and actionable. Bonus Lady Boss Points: create a hashtag specific to your challenge so your followers can spread the energy. Point your followers to your funnel as a constant call to action throughout the challenge or at the end of the challenge.

Traffic Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to sell. When you’re promoting your programs or services make your IG post a mini sales page. Not in a pitchy sleazy way but in a way that’s focussed on driving your followers to take that specific action.

Traffic Tip #6

Use Video. Fact is video converts, even with only 15 seconds, IG videos capture attention. Consider using more video in your strategy.

Traffic Tip #7

Optimize your bio. Who are you and why should anyone follow your page?

These are 7 hot insta traffic hacks that you can implement right away. As with any platform you have to show up consistently and with a killer  strategy and you will see results and get more traffic.

What good is traffic if you don’t have a customised coaching funnel to automate and simplify your sales and marketing strategy?

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Comment below and let me know which Traffic Tip you plan on implementing. See you for Day 3 tomorrow!