How to Plan your Day, Week & Year for Major Impact & Income

I am proud of the fact that on average I am able to work 2 - 5 hours per day 5 days a week ON my business. 

I didn't get started online to work, work, work, work, work... (in my Rihanna voice), 

I got started online because I wanted to support my lifestyle and have an impact on women just like me but without having to sacrifice every single day to do so.

In this post I want to share with you how I plan me days, my weeks and my months so that I can consistently grow my business but also enjoy freedom as well. 

Believe it or not, having structure in your business is directly related to the structure that you have in your business. 


Believe it or not, having structure in your business is directly related to the structure that you have in your business.

I learnt this the hard way. When I first got started online I would work when I wanted to, how I wanted to and where I wanted to... that led to me being tired, feeling like I was always working and the consistency I am a huge fan of? Non - existent. 

Daily Planning 

Step 1: Set your goal(s) and your daily intention (s)

What is the one thing that you hope to accomplish today? I like to focus on "income producing activities" most of the time but sometimes other tasks take the lead. 

The reason why I focus on that one thing is because if we're being honest, those long to do lists that we create in the morning? They're the same length that night. My brain is always going at top speed so anything I can do to slow it down works. 

Once that task is accomplished then I move on to the other! 

Step 2: I have "theme days" 

Mondays I plan my weeks marketing and plan / create free content. 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays (and sometimes Thursdays) are client days

Fridays are my "spillover days" 

I know what to expect and try to stick to the theme of those days. 

What themes can you create for yourself each day? How will it support you in decreasing your work hours? 

What themes can you create for yourself each day? How will it support you in decreasing your work hours?

Step 3: Be intentional. Be Strategic. Be Focussed. 

What will each task accomplish? 

What will completing that specific task do for you and your business hopefully sooner rather than later? Completing something like redoing your entire website on your own might seem like a good idea but how is that going to help you land a client sooner rather than later? 

Your time would be better spent on creating content, or planning a webinar or some other list building or sales activity... remember stop being busy and start working smarter. 

So to summarise everyday: you have this one task that when you accomplish it, you feel like a complete rockstar, and then you can move on to your next task. 

Remember - time is money. It's the one resource you can't get back. Don't waste it. 

Remember - time is money. It’s the one resource you can’t get back. Don’t waste it.

Planning your Week

What's your BIG goal for the week? 

Maybe it's an income goal, or a list building goals or a goal for your business in general. Whatever it is state the goal, make it clear and super specific. 

Example: I want 2 new clients this week, I want to add 50 new subscribers to my list this week and so on. 

If you have appointments, have to buy groceries, or you want some down time - schedule it. my weeks consist of at least 3 beach days now. And yes, I have my down time scheduled because "structure = freedom" if you want 3 hours to yourself daily schedule it and make it happen! 

Now you know what you big goal is for the week, how will you make it happen? how will you add 50 people to your list? how will you book 2 new clients? Do you have an online sales machine in place so you can make your marketing and sales goals happen like I teach in my Fabulous Funnels Course?

structure = freedom

 Plan Your Month

Again, set your goals for the month. 

# of clients? 

# of products you hope to sell? 

Income you want to make? 

List growth or community growth? 

And then plan your marketing and promotional strategy. 

Every month you market your business, but not every month you necessarily promote it. 

Promotions are like "launches" you go super hard to sell your products or fill spots in a program. Marketing is what you do every month to be visible, stay visible, build your list and community consistently. So just because you're booked solid doesn't mean you stop marketing yourself, every month you will have a way to market you, your business and your brand! 

One of the biggest tips I can share is: 

Automate as you go. 

Automate, automate, automate. 

Why keep doing the same tasks over and over and over again?

Automate your traffic, 

automate your list building, 

automate your sales

If you're ready to learn how then Fabulous Funnels is for you! Learn more here now and start working smarter not harder!