How to Develop Consistency and Discipline in Your Coaching Business for BIG RESULTS

The C and the D word... it's about to get real in here! 

Yes we're talking consistency and discipline because seriously they play a HUGEEEEE role in my unleveling my business this year. 

I've learnt so much about myself, I've realized that even with all these smarts and skills if I'm not consistent and don't implement a ton of discipline when it comes to building my business? My smarts and skills will only get me so far... 

It's different to college when you can cram the night before and ace the exam... entrepreneurship and building a business based around service is about the long haul of consistency and building habits that stand the test of time. 

So, I want to share some of my best tips I learnt the past 6 months of this year and how you can use them going forward to ramp up your consistency and the results you see going forward. 

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Thing One: Believe, Know, Understand that Clarity comes from Action. 

Planning and writing and then planning some more will only get you so far. Honestly, if I hadn't just started taking action and then refined everything as I went I would not be where I am today. 

Get started, and perfect your process as you go. 

Thing Two: Structure leads to Consistency AND Freedom

(plan your days, break your week down, sample of my new weekly set up, one thing at a time) - days to follow up, days specific for new content, days for client calls, days for BIG projects etc 

Plan your business around your life if having a lifestyle based freedom business is a priority. 

Here is my week at a glance to give you an idea: 


  • workout 
  • it's a day off but I do...
  • plan my week (long journalling session, or quiet time) 
  • family time - me and my mini me get to spend QT together on homework, activities etc 


  • workout 
  • content planning and outlining 
  • focussed business time* 


  • workout 
  • content creation 
  • focussed business time* 


  • workout 
  • client day 


  • workout 
  • content creation 
  • focussed business time*


  • workout 
  • weekly wrap up 
  • half-days 


  • day off

Focussed Business Time* is time devoted to me intentionally working ON my business, without distractions. This is one of the main reasons why I've been able to work 2 - 4 hours MAX daily most days of the week. 

Wednesdays and Thursdays are my most labor intensive days. I spend these days on client calls, doing sales calls and putting in any extra time I need to in my business. 

Content Creation is VERY important in my business so 2 days of the week are designated to creating that content, even though I create content DAILY during my focussed business time. 

As you can see working out is a priority, it's my one hobby that I make time out for every single day.

(yes, I need more hobbies - working on it... does going to the beach count?) 

It pays to plan, trust me so download your FREE Daily Sales and Client Attraction Planner below Now

Thing Three: Use tools to help you Out

(google calendar for your planning and scheduling, google apps for work for organization, and I'm planning to look into asana again to step my game up) 

My schedule is color coded inside google calendar, so every week I update it, I sync my scheduling apps with it and so at a glance I know exactly how my week is set up. 

Thing Four: Set alarms and actually stick to them 

My phone alarms like 25 times per day, seriously. I have reminders set to let me know it's time for lunch (yes I need to be reminded), it's time to get ready to start my business day, I have an alarm when it's time for bed (on iPhone I am loving the "bedtime option" - a girl needs her sleep!), I have pop up reminders throughout the day just to make sure I stay on task and get the most out of my day. 

Thing Five: Schedule time for lunch, rest and recharging

Working with clients takes a lot of energy, you want to give your best. I spend 1 -2 hours BEFORE I pick my daughter up resting so I can spend my time fully focussed on her when it's our time and not counting down until bedtime.

 It's also important because I need enough energy to spend on client projects, and any other loose ends throughout the day. 

If you aren't getting your meals in and getting enough rest then you won't be present enough to enjoy the freedom you're working towards, the people you're working so hard for and you won't be able to produce your best work and content (reducing the impact you make in your business) 

Thing Six: Get Real with yourself.

What does your inconsistency cost you? A client? Being fully booked? Put a $ sign on it. It's time for a reality check. 

When I realised that not being consistent was actually costing me money in my business, when I got real with myself and saw that if I was super consistent in my business I could 10x my income and FAST - Consistency became a big priority. 

BIG PICTURE darling, big picture. 

Thing Seven: mind over everything

It's all in your mind, you need to everyday just make the decision that you're going to stay consistent. Recreate yourself as a disciplined business and decide to boss up and up level the way you are in your business. 

Once you conquer your mind and the way you see yourself - building the habits will be a cinch. 

This is where acting as if and implementing a solid daily practice that restructures the very way you think comes into play. 

Check mine out here. 

Don't forget to download the daily sales planner below before you go! And let me know in the comments how you will get more consistent and build discipline in your coaching business