How to: A FREE "Booked out" Brand Audit Guide


Do you know how you’re showing up online?

Or if you’re showing up at all?


Building a BOMBSHELL BRAND that gets you BOOKED and keeps you attracting your dream clients is all about online positioning and online presence. I go into how you can build a brilliant brand here (even if you aren't super techy). 


I’ve created this audit just for you so you can dive in, assess where you are and where you want to be in you business.


booked out brand audit for coaches

Let’s cut to the chase Lady Boss and dive right on in.

I've broken the various elements of your audit down into categories, you can do this all in one sitting or schedule time over the next few days. 


Where are you online?

What platforms are you on?

What platform(s) is your ideal client on?



What problem do you solve?

What are you the expert in?

What do you want to be known for?


Are the answers to the above questions evident and clear in each of your bios?

Are you bios too wordy? If yes - how can you get to the point faster?

Are you instantly showcasing your “brand’s personality?


Do you have a funnel in place? Or, Are you using a website/ blog?

Have you linked back to your funnel or your website?


Are you maintaining a specific vibe/ feeling across your platforms?

Is your profile pic of YOU - not your dog, cat, or something else - YOU?



>> Create a spider web across the internet <<

(Say what? Well when you do the below steps your content and platforms will look like a web hence the analogy. )

Your platforms should always link with each other. Are you linking back to some platform online?


Example - Facebook profile - Facebook Page - Facebook Group - Website / Funnel etc


You want to create a web with your platforms and your content (pssst... have you included calls to action in your posts and content?)



How often are you showing up online?

What is your goal for showing up online? What’s your 10 out of 10?

What would your ideal (dream) clients PAY you for that you can give for free CONSISTENTLY?

What kind of content can you create for your ideal client?

What is something new that you would like to try?

What can you do to step your game up, make your content easier to consume and more attractive?

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How often would you just love to make money in your business?

What do you think is keeping you from making money in your business consistently?

What changes will you make?



Are you selling?

How often?

How can you make selling more fun?

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