Get Consistent Paying Clients

As an online coach or service provider your main focus is to land paying clients... CONSISTENTLY.

But easier said than done right?

I mean you can't just click your heels and clients appear... or can you?

I want to share with you the 3 simple things you need to focus on to get consistent paying clients.

Oh, and the excuse that you're brand new so this won't work for you? Doesn't apply here so you can leave it the "door".


Step 1: Build Your List!

Yikes! Really? 

Yes, really. 

I know you probably think that list building should start once you've actually landed clients, and once you have a big budget to build your list but the truth is building your list is one of the easiest ways to not only land paying clients but land them CONSISTENTLY. 

Getting started with list building is not as complicated as you probably think it is. 

It all starts with knowing your ideal client and what they WANT. 

And then giving it to them... For FREE. 

You also want to be sure that whatever you create you can put a price tag on it, and make it super valuable. Not literally but this is just so you know that you've created something that is absolutely gold. 

A perfect example is the free 30 day blueprint I created I've created that shows you how to land your first paying clients in 30 days or less.

It's super valuable because it eliminates the guess work and it gives tons of value all while giving you the results you want. 

You can check it out here.  

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Step 2: Follow Up with your List and Build your COMMUNITY

Once you actually start adding people to your list it's time to follow up.

Ever heard the saying "the fortune is in the follow up"? Trust me it really is. 

Scenario real quick: you meet a cute guy, you ask him for his number so you an go on a date with him but never call even though you really do want to go out with him. You just sit at home wishing that he will somehow magically fall into your lap. 

It's the same with list building. 

You have their information now use it! 

They aren't gonna just fall out of the sky begging to work with you if you don't take action. 


Step 3: Offer something - A discovery call, your paid products or services.


And the list goes on...

To make money or to make a sale you have to sell something.  When you're following up via email marketing you offer tons of value that positions you as the expert and a call to action to purchase your paid product or book a discovery call so you can get them to purchase your service whatever that may be.



Top secret follow up formula?


1 value packed email newsletter + 2 solo mailers (email with value but also has a solid call to action) 


This is a great starting point for email marketing and allows you to stay top of mind of your ideal client.  (Plus it's a lot simpler than hopping from potential client to potential client hoping one of them says yes right?)   



Yes, it really is that simple but where you're probably going wrong is your strategy. You either have none, or you're working way too hard for little to no results.


Luckily for you my free guide "Your First Paying Clients" will help you create your own marketing strategy that gets you fabulous results.


Best part from start to finish it's 30 days to your first paying clients! 


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