FREE Summer School for Coaches

I am so excited to announce FREE Summer School for Coaches. 

It did start over 2 weeks ago - but it dawned on me why not create a curriculum that you can refer to and check out for all classes and updates? 

Well here it is. 

Dates and times are subject to change and the curriculum will be updated as they do. 

To get the most of Summer School there are 3 things you want to do first: 

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3. Sign Up here for Email Lessons and Updates

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Along with blogs here on the website at least 3x per week here is what you can expect from FREE Summer School for Coaches:

June 2017

  1.  15 Sales Tips Series
  2. FREE Workshop - Booked Solid with Social Media - Tuesday June 20th 
  3.  Create Client Attractive Graphics Workshop 
  4.  Perfect your Premium Package FREE Masterclass - June 27th
  5. Craft your converting Client Magnet FREE Workshop - June 28th
  6. Build your Flawless Funnel FREE Challenge - June 27th - 30th

BONUS Resources, tech trainings and more included inside the Private Facebook Group! 

July 2017 

  1.  Booked out Branding Challenge (+ Free Branding Kit) 
  2. Discovery Call Booking Series - Free 5 Day Challenge: Top 5 ways to book a ton of potential client calls - July 17th, 2017
  3. FREE Masterclass: Hustle Intentionally: How to Work Smarter and Get Big Results (Inside the Facebook Group)  - July 24th, 2017
  4. FREE Masterclass: Practical Success Secrets for the Booked Out Coach and Service Provider - (Inside the Facebook Group)  - July 26th, 2017
  5.  Create and Launch your Dream Business Series - over in the Facebook Group (and daily on the podcast - July 27th - 31st

August 2017 

  1. Celebrity Visibility Masterclass 
  2. Free challenge (to be announced)