5 Part Follow Up Strategy for Coaches

Let’s be honest, when I first started as a coach I sucked at following up. I felt that following up was “bothering” my potential client.


But after practicing and perfecting my follow up process I’ve gotten more YES’s, added income and landed clients just because I took a few minute out of my day to follow up.


I want to share a super simple follow up strategy that you can follow, that takes at most 2 minutes per person.

5 step follow up strategy.png


Step 1: You need to keep track of the calls and the people who reach out to you. I use google sheets to do this. I add their name, a section for notes and the dates of the follow-ups that I make.

How soon I follow up depends on how the call we had went.

If it was a heck yes let’s get started and 24 hours pass without them getting started i FOLLOW UP.


If the answer varied then my follow up time will vary.


I will follow up with a potential client until they tell me to stop, you never know when they will make a decision to get started. If you’re good at what you do, if you change lives and/or businesses then they NEED you and you’re doing them a service by getting them to make a decision and take action.


Step 2: Every follow up isn’t a PITCH to buy something. Takes notes, get them on your list and take the time to invite them to free training and or send them helpful pieces of content that will help them - just from a place of being helpful.


Got a new webinar? Invite them.


Step 3: Take the relationship to social media if it’s not already there. Get them on the platform where you’re active and try to be as social as possible.


Relationship building is the name of the game!


Step 4: Be human, be of service, go above and beyond.

Need I say more?


Step 5: Maybe they didn’t buy your package that you offered on the sales call but what about letting them know if new offers that may be a better fit?


No, does not always mean no.

Your potential client not purchasing does not always mean they don’t want to work with you.

Maybe the package wasn’t perfect for them but another one may be…


Make following up a BIG part of your sales process. Warm leads are more likely to purchase because they know like and trust you.

Show you care, be of service.


And the highest level of service you can offer is to work with them in a paid capacity.


Now it’s time to follow up, download the free tracker below and get started now!

Let me know in the comments which step you will implement!