Crushing it Coaching - The Podcast

crushing it coaching the podcast

I finally did it - I launched my podcast - legit this time on a platform and all and I could not be more excited.

I’ve been back and forth between launching a podcast and resuming / relaunching my YouTube channel for a long time and I finally made the decision and just went for it and made it happen.

I decided to go with the podcast over the YouTube channel because:

  1. Doing YouTube videos was not in alignment with the way I do business right now. It just was not going to fit into my schedule the way I would want it to. However, with the app I am using to do my podcast I am able to record a new episode from pretty much anywhere so it’s much easier to stay consistent.

  2. I had a bootleg podcast back in the day - and I had so much fun creating short, actionable episodes, just having a conversation with my audience that I just had to bring it back…

Lessons for you:

Do what fits into your schedule nicely - unless you’re just being lazy or making excuses… I am all about simplification and podcasting the way I have it set up is definitely SIMPLE.

Just start, because trust me when I say tonight I just said forget a launch date, let’s just start putting content out into the world - and well as you’ll see in the episode I freestyled podcast episode #001

What to expect: At least 1 episode per week, I’m thinking 3 - 5 though but we will see.

Short and actionable 15 minutes or less.

And it’s focussed on what I do best - helping your grow your coaching business utilizing content and simple funnels and much more.

I am really excited to be on this journey with you and I can’t wait to see where it goes, introduce yourself in the comments and let me know what your business is all about!