How to Create Client Attractive, Captivating and Converting Graphics for FREE

 I get asked about my graphics a lot, and even though I will never advise my clients to go out and drop a few G's (thousand dollars) on their website and branding before they're making enough money to do it without batting an eye - you still do need to have some kind of branding in place. 

I say this because social media is becoming more and more visual. 

Snapchat has taken over, 

Instagram is blowing up even more 

and even on Facebook an emphasis is being made on videos and imagery which all boils down to stellar branding. 

So... if you've been wondering how I create my graphics, you're in luck! 

I show you how to create blog post graphics like the one below (I actually recorded how to create the one below in just about 60 seconds (or was that just in my head),  and I also shared tips, and hacks and overall how to use Canva for FREE to do all this amazingness - yes no photoshop. (and yes I just made that word up) 


Before we dive in here are few helpful resources: 

1. I use Canva (free or paid will do the trick to create my graphics) click here to check it out <<<

2. I love and use wonderfelle stock photos, check them out by clicking here

and 3. I have a FULL Tutorial/ Course that you can dive into for just $10 learn all about it by clicking here. 


Let's dive in. 

create client attractive graphics tutorial for coaches

I can't wait to see what you create! Comment below if this was helpful or if you have any questions!