4 Client Attractive Content Marketing Hacks for Coaches

Content is queen, there is absolutely no denying it.


Content allows you to attract and convert potential clients into paying clients when done right.


I’m sharing in this blog post 4 hacks to creating content that not only attracts your potential clients but allows you to convert them into paying clients sooner rather than later.

4 client attractive content hacks for coaches

Hack #1: Position Yourself as the Expert with Your Content

Your content needs to be specific to your area of expertise AND you need the content to show case you as the expert in the area.


When choosing content topics always check in and ask yourself: is this positioning me as an expert?


Is this specific to my ideal client?

Is it highly valuable?


Once you’ve approved the content idea and you are sure it will position you as the expert you’re good to go.


Hack #2: Include your Story as it Relates to What you Do

Your story sells.

Integrating your story and how it is relevant to what you do is huge.


When I first got started online this was hard for me to do… what? Telling people how much i struggles, and how I can from $0 to 5 figures, and the mistakes I made… and how long it took is a good thing?




Well it is.


Sharing your mistakes, your breakthroughs, your ups and your lows makes you more relatable.


And the more relatable you are - the fasted your know like trust factor goes up and we know what that does.


Know like trust goes up… the transition from potential client to paying client is more forthcoming.


Hack #3: Talk to not at your audience

Have a conversation with your audience.


You’re the expert, but your audience isn’t.

Yes - they need your content but if you aren’t engaging and speaking to your ideal client (one at a time please) your content won’t convert as well as you would like.


Envision your ideal client as you write your social media posts, and shoot your videos or even do your live streams. Speak to him or her, not them… and watch your content become much more fun to consume.


Hack #4: Focus on what your audience WANTS not needs

(goes back to knowing and listening to your ideal clients)

Wants vs. Needs.


That’s why it’s so important to know your ideal client inside and out!


Wants - the tangible more “material” stuff they’re asking for. As the expert you know the “need” the “less than fun” deeper stuff but in order to attract your ideal client - you need to offer what they need.


Example: you want to quit your job and coach full time. You need to start building your business, the systems and the structures first so that you can book paying clients sooner rather than later. Which is exactly what Zero to Clients addresses.


Or: you want to spend less time chasing clients and more time working with clients, and with your family. You need a funnel.


Got it?


Wants vs, needs… and this goes for your content and your paid content.



That’s it 3 content marketing hacks for the online woman coach who wants to start creating more effective and converting content.


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