6 Different Formats of Client Captivating Content you can Create

Content is queen… and creating consistent client captivating content (content that’s all about your ideal client is a MUST)


But coming up with content consistently can be a pain, which is why it’s a big focus inside my group program Build Brand BOOKED!

To help you come up with some formats here are 6 types of client captivating content that you can choose from and create:


1 - Blog posts.

Probably one of the most common types of content talked about on the internet. Blog blog blog but actually getting clients from your blog posts?


Here are 3 pro tips: create a content upgrade for your blog posts so you build your list; include a strong call to action in your blog posts; choose blog topics that are relevant to your area of expertise and will position you as the SOLUTION.


2 - Video.

Video converts. Video builds know, like, trust and FAST. Not only that, creating a video is as simple as whipping out your smartphone turning the camera on and dishing out some hot tips.


Pro Tip: Include a compelling call to action in each video and include a short intro on who you are so your ideal client knows exactly who you are and why they should listen to you.



3 - Social Media Posts.

Instead of just popping in whenever you feel like you want to have a schedule that you stick to. One of the biggest mistakes I see with social media content is that it’s super abbreviated and not given the thought it needs.


PRO Tips: Check your copy in your tweets - are they compelling? When posting on social media is the content making your ideal client just buzz with excitement? Did you include a call to action?


4 - Webinars and Live Calls.

These are some of my favorites! Hanging out live, delivering a ton of epic content in a short period of time and then having the opportunity to call your audience to action i.e. to offer them something for sale. Not many formats allow you to do this trust me…


More often than not you need to build up to the sale over time in this case because you are offering such epic value you can dive in and offer the sale immediately.


Check out this blog post all about webinars here now.


5 - Graphics.

This is a great way to capture the attention of your ideal client. Graphics when used correctly can deliver amazing value, peak the interest of your ideal client and even start positioning your brand.


Graphics need not be expensive - using a free tool like Canva or picmonkey and leveraging free stock photo sites and voila! You are well on your way to creating amazing graphics.


Pssst…. If you are ready to Build a Booked Out Brand check out this free challenge with bonus masterclass.


6 - Live Streaming.

This is a big hit now and proven to really cause connections with your community which in turn converts into clients.


Periscope and Facebook Live (click here to check mine out) are 2 of the leading platforms when it comes to hosting live streams.


Just like video it's easy to create a live stream: whip out your smart phone, turn the camera on and start chatting it up live with your community.


These are 6 amazing formats that your content can take… Now it’s time to actually come up with ideas! And of course I’ve got ya covered.