How to Build a "Booked Out" Brand that Attracts your Dream Coaching Clients

You have a social media post ready to go... but you really don't want to publish it because well, your graphics suck, no one ever clicks your post, double taps for that coveted instagram heart or likes it on Facebook. 

You're starting to think that you're doomed. 

You've heard about Branding but you really don't have the budget to spend thousands on a new website, a spiffy wardrobe so you can have that photoshoot in Paris that seems to be the craze these days and well... you don't have the plane ticket for Paris either. 

What on earth are you going to do? 

Most coaches think that they need all the above and more before they can get started... no, no and no. 

All you need is STRONG BRANDING. 

And while yes - Branding does include fonts, colors, photos, graphics and more... it's actually about: What people - most importantly your ideal client say about you when you aren't there

Branding is what people think and say about you when you can't explain it all to them. - That's it. 

So at the core? You don't need all that fancy stuff... you need to focus on what will get your ideal clients attracted to you, what will convert them to fans and what will help them convert them faster into paying clients.

This week here on the blog I'm running a FREE Challenge complete with a bonus branding bundle just for you. The bundle will include all the daily bonuses to help you take action and build a Booked out Coaching Brand - and don't worry if you stumbled across this after the week is over you can still join in and snag the bundle. 

Let's build your a brand you're proud of shall we? 

build a booked out client attractive brand

Day 1: Stand for Something or Fall for Anything 

While that quote isn't directly related to our task of the day, it's worth keeping in mind. You want to figure out exactly what your brand stands for. 

It won't matter one bit if your brand is gorgeous, and decked out with all the branding bells and whistles if you're attracting the wrong people. 

Today's task is super simple: Write a clear statement that tells exactly who you work with. 

Example: I work with female service providers who want to monetize their services and build a profitable business online... without sacrificing their lifestyle. 

Your turn: I work with ___________ who want ____________ and I help them ________________. 

Let's take a BIG step further, you want to make an IMPACT with your brand, the bigger your IMPACT the bigger your INCOME. 

Example: My brand will help female service providers build profitable businesses online so they can live their life by design and not have to sacrifice and deny themselves what they want and deserve. 

This is more for you, so you stay focussed on your bigger why, and it helps you stay laser focussed on how you want your potential clients to FEEL as well which is a huge part of branding. 

I created a quick cheat sheet for you so you can brainstorm and create your own statement and your own mission for your brand. 

Download it below now. 

Day 2: Your brand's Ideal Client 

Today we're going to get crystal clear on exactly WHO your brand will attract. (this will make it way easier for your brand to make a BIG IMPACT and get you the results you deserve) 

So yes, I'm going to ask you to first get clear on who they actually are, luckily I have to posts to help you out here and here. 

But after you're done above we're going even deeper. 

There are 7 BIG Questions I would love for you to dig into. 

  1. Describe your ideal client where they are RIGHT NOW
  2. Describe them where they want to be. (thanks to you) 
  3. What obstacles/ challenges are they facing / do they face that's keeping them from getting there? 
  4. What is the turning point in their life that's causing them to realize they have a problem? 
  5. What are they doing to alleviate that problem? 
    • what are they searching for on YouTube and Google? like literally typing into the search bar? 
    • whose IG accounts are they following and WHY? 
    • what blogs/ books do they read? 
    • Any podcasts they religiously tune into - WHY do they? 
  6. WHY is it such a big deal that they get a solution to their problem? 
    • answer this from your perspective and from theirs 
  7. HOW does your brand help them? 
    • why is your brand THE ANSWER? 

I've included a handy cheatsheet to help you brainstorm your way to the answers for these questions, just head below and get access to the FREE Branding Bundle, where you'll get access to all the resources for each day!