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Webinars and live calls are by far one of my favorite content creation strategies for my business. (Like I mention in this post over here)

I have done well over 50 webinars in the past 4 months alone. 


Yeah fareal! 


I once did 7 webinars in one week. 


And a 6 day bootcamp using webinars.


Yes I did.



They work!


And while I might not go to that extreme again - If you aren't using webinars you are missing out.


If you're a numbers gal like me here are some stats:


  • Went from 0 to 5 figures with a waitlist in less than 30 days using my webinar strategy
  • Booked 30+ discovery calls in one week - with my webinar strategy
  • Built my list by 1000+ in 30 days with my webinar strategy


And that is the power of webinars. 

Webinars work.



Let's jump into the process.


No need to take notes you can download the full cheat sheet here.


1. Set your goals for your webinar


It's not enough to just plan on doing a webinar you need to set specific goals and know your numbers. 


How many discovery calls do you want to book?

How many clients do you want to obtain? 


One thing to remember is not every person who registers will attend live, you can do several different things to increase attendance but I would bank on having 50% of your registrants show up live.


And on the lower end 10% convert on the call. 


So set goals and then know your numbers.

That's the best way to hit those goals and slay them!


2. Choosing Your Webinar Topic

Your webinar topic needs to be both tied to your offer in a way that positions you and your offer as the next step and it needs to be compelling and attractive enough to get your ideal client to sign up. 

Don't just pull something out of a hat. 

The key to conversions is offering what your ideal client wants and in a way that's absolutely irresistible.

The way to figure this out is to listen to what you ideal clients are saying, the questions they are asking and even what your current clients struggle with most! 

How can you deliver what they want, and in turn position yourself as THE go to in that area? 

3. Plan your webinar - outline it to the letter

You need to plan your webinar in a way that the majority of the time is spent delivering high value content BUT you also need to figure out what content you are going to share that maximizes the results your potential clients will receive. 

But one element that is often skimmed over or overlooked is introducing yourself and telling your attendees who you are and why they should listen to you. 

Hot tip: are there elements of your story that positions you and allows you to be more relatable that is linked to your webinar topic?

Incorporate that! 

Don't hide your expertise and your accomplishments. This is often a huge selling feature before you even start to sell.

Remember, we buy from those we know like and trust.

Own your story! Don't shy away from it!

4. Pitch Perfect

I know... selling get's such a bad rep. 

Selling doesn't have to be sleazy. 

In fact you should start seeing selling as a service because it's the best way to help your audience get the results, whatever they are, that they need. 

And let's be real, to make money you have to sell. 


So, back to the webinar... you have to figure out how you can transition into the perfect pitch that ties it all together and let's your audience know that hey - they have a problem and you are the best solution for them. 

5. Flawless Follow Up

Don't just deliver a killer webinar and disappear. 

It's time to follow up. 

You need to map out a series of emails that adds value - stresses why the NEED you and your service and gets them to buy or schedule a discovery call. 

Most of the time this step is skipped over and missed completely. Make sure to incorporate this next time and watch the magic happen. 

Do you have any questions about webinars? Drop them in the comments below let's get them answered, and don't forget to download the free cheat sheet! 

Download the cheat sheet here now and let me know in the comments when you plan on doing your first webinar!  

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