A peek at my Daily Morning Success Practice

How you start your day is a BIG determining factor on the direction your day will take and the results you can accomplish during your day.


I’ve come a LONG  way in 4 years of being an entrepreneur and building my business and one of the main reasons is focussing on my mindset and establishing a non negotiable morning routine.


During my journey as an entrepreneur there have been ups and downs, crests and troughs, mountains and valleys… but I’m still here and I attribute a lot of that to my morning routine that keeps my head in the game - and my mindset at 100.


I’m going to share with you 3 BIG parts of my morning routine that has allowed me to show up at 100% even when the outlook was a bit overcast for the day.


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This is one of my favorite things to do… pull out my leather bound journal and just get to writing. Anything and everything that pops into my head. Clearing the clutter inside my head so I can be extra creative and come up with golden ideas.


Us creatives: coaches, service providers we get tons of ideas, we get a new idea - start on it and something else comes up. But how do we find balance between having ideas and implementing?


We need some way to work through it - and that’s what journalling does for me.


Not only that, I get to coach myself, push myself, hold myself accountable, call myself out on my excuses and inaction.


I’m a great coach - why not benefit from it?


Planning and taking inspired action. I know I just said that journalling helps me when I have too many ideas rolling around in my head BUT writing those ideas out, seeing the ones I want to work on and then actually taking action?


That’s the money.

That’s the gold.


Journalling is something I do at least once per day and that is why I shared it with you first. Don't knock it until you try it!


Setting Intentions/ Goals


What do you want to accomplish for the day?

What will you accomplish this week?


An intention can be as simple, but powerful as:

I will add 100 new members to my Facebook Group this week.

I will add 5 paid members to my group program this week.

I will make $1000 today

I will book 1 paying client this month

Those are examples of my intentions/ goals.


I prefer writing these intentions in my journal and I prefer creating intentions to saying and repeating affirmations… because that’s me, my preference - but maybe you prefer to create affirmations and mantras.


TAKE- AWAY : Do what feels good for you.

Do what makes you feel good.

Do what works for you.


I’m super practical and logical so creating goals and intentions daily and then going after them full force is much more up my alley.


What intentions can you set for today?

For this week?


Will you create and use affirmations and mantras?


I’ve uploaded some to the files section of my Facebook Group you should definitely get started with those.


Wealth Consciousness Books


My goal is to read 30 minutes per day either a wealth consciousness book or a book about a successful person who has “been there done that”.


These books are invaluable and best part is extremely affordable.


I absolutely love reading these books because the tips found in them are very helpful and the books allow me to “ Think and Grow Rich”.


Because as a famous saying goes:

Thoughts become things.
— Mike Dooley



Feed your mind first and then you will absolutely slay it in your business and in your life.


Here are 2 of the most highly recommended books that you can start with (and that I am currently reading again):

  1. Think and Grow Rich

  2. The Science of getting Rich


Your morning routine can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

And Ultimately my main focus for the day is “just feeling good”. Makes it simpler right? Just focus on feeling good. 


Here’s the bottomline - Where your focus and attention goes that’s where your energy goes and that’s where the results start to show up.


You want a successful business you need to focus on what will get you that successful business.

Not half-way… all the way.


If you are ready to focus your attention on your online coaching or service based business for big fabulous paydays join me inside BOOKED!


Let me know in the comments what your morning routine looks like, and most importantly start implementing!