7 ways to Book a ton of Discovery Calls with Ease

As an online coach or service provider your main goal is or should be to land paying clients. 


And the more consistently the better. 


To land paying clients you must book discovery calls, if you're newer to doing discovery calls the more you book the better. 


I want to share with you my favorite ways to book discovery calls consistently. 


I recommend starting with 1 or 2 of these strategies and seeing which ones you like best and then mastering that specific technique. 


Ready to get BOOKED? 


  1. Hands down my favorite strategy live calls and webinars. Webinars are such an effective strategy to build know like trust FAST and then lead into the BIGGER better solution which is YOU and what you have to offer. Give tremendous value and then offer discovery calls at the end as your call to action.  Trust me it works!
  2. An irresistible Lead Magnet that leads into you being the next step. What does your ideal client WANT right now? What can you offer to them in exchange for their email address? The key to lead magnets that convert into discovery calls and paying clients is that you must position yourself and your services as the SOLUTION to some pressing problem specific to your ideal clients. You give tons of value and always include a call to action.
  3. Free assessments or coaching calls. Of course you want to make this look as appealing as possible because believe it or not hopping on the phone with you has a higher barrier to entry so make sure you craft amazing magnetic message to map this out. Once you get your potential client on the phone you really be of service for those  20 - 30 minutes. The key is to focus on ONE pressing problem or challenge that they are facing. Trying to give too much will lead to overwhelm and that is no bueno for you or your potential client. You want to lead them to a point where they are way better off than before they worked with you and then you want to transition into a discovery call with their permission and if you know it's a good fit. 
  4. Your email list. The GOLDEN goose egg.PRO TIP: You must get into the habit of following up consistently and making sure to add a call to action at least 2 times per week. I know you just gasped *what 2 times? that's crazy!* but the truth is not everyone will read every email and it takes quite a few times for people to see offer and actually take you up on it. And let's be real - if what you have to offer is AMAZING then you should feel great about going out there and telling everyone about it and often. So email marketing works!
  5. Your content. Create epic free content which has a call to action either to book a discovery call by adding a link and call to action (like so) or to get on your list then you can follow up with a discovery call. 
  6. Social media. Be socially savvy, don't just show up and pitch establish yourself first! What can you post daily - even multiple times per day that positions you as the expert and gives tons of amazing value CONSISTENTLY?
  7. As a follow up or bonus to a paid product you offer. I love these! They convert because your product, program or service was already amazing and so it's obvious they would want to continue working with you! Sometime you won't even have to hop on the phone for a call because it really is a no brainer that working with you on a deeper level is the next step.


Now you've got 7 fail proof ways to book discovery calls. 


The question is are you gonna take action? I hope so!


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And if you are ready to get results NOW book a free discovery call with me lets see how I can get you results and FAST!