6 Reasons you Need a Funnel... and now




That’s how I would love for you to think of funnels.. Tons of fun and the giver of consistent clients, customers and cold hard cash (when done right)


I drop 6 hot reasons why you need a funnel and sooner rather than later below… but before we dive into that here is what having a funnel in my business did for me:


>>> As a single mom, with a part time job and being a full time student I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on my business. I knew that the time I did have I had to spend wisely.


There were 3 things I knew I needed to do CONSISTENTLY to get the results I wanted in my business.


  1. Build my list

  2. Create epic content

  3. Call my community to action (ask for the sale / book discovery calls)


Enter my funnel - the foundation of my online sales machine for my coaching business! My funnel has made it possible to book discovery calls consistently, have $8000.00 days, build my online community to almost 10,000 strong and growing all while working 2 to 4 hours per day.


I know you’re seeing the possibilities…


And that’s why I want to share my top 6 reasons why you need to have a funnel in your business:


1 - You want a lifestyle business


Let’s be real you want a lifestyle business. You started this business for a reason beyond just working… hard… hours and hours everyday.

Maybe it’s to spend more time with the kids, family actually have the energy to go out for lunch - go to the spa in the middle of the week - take vacationS… yes vacations (plural)


It’s all about the lifestyle and yes you can build a lifestyle service based business, it’s all about having a business that builds and grows even when you’re slepping or doing what you do best - work with your clients and get them results.


2 - The Money Really is in the List


I know you’ve heard this before. The money is in the list.

If you grow your list full of quality potential clients your list will pay you over and over again.


Having a group of potential clients in a space where you can follow up consistently? GOLD.


3 - The power of 7


“7 Touches”

This is the idea that you want to get in front of your ideal client with whatever you have to offer at least 7 times.


The best way to do this? Email marketing and of course you can follow up on social media.


But here’s the kicker, if your community isn’t all about you and what you have to offer it doesn’t really matter how many people are on your list and how many touches you give them - having a funnel ensures that they are your people and are more likely to buy


4 - “You own it”


You don’t own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter… That facebook group you’re so lovingly building? Also not yours…


Your email list? A way to house potential clients so even if your favorite social media platform decides to take an extended vacation or changes the algorithm (we know how that goes) you’re still good to go


5 - The fortune is in the follow - up


Following up.

A must in any business. Yes there are tons of ways to follow up but email still one of the best most intimate ways to follow up with your ideal client.


Not everyone is on Facebook or periscope etc but they do have email - right on their phones and computers.


Take advantage of this.


6 - You want to scale right?


I know you want to grow your business and scale up right?

Imagine writing and email and booking calls, getting clicks, traffic and *gasp* making money… all from an email.


With an email list, launching - growth and GETTING BOOKED becomes a whole lot easier.


Long and short you want a funnel… and sooner rather than later.


A funnel means:

  • More targeted followers

  • A way to easily communicate with your community and tribe

  • A pool of potential clients and customers (no more desperation marketing)

  • The ability to make money and work a whole lot smarter


You need a funnel. You need an automated sales machine that works overtime for your business so you don’t have to.


Imagine building your community on complete autopilot full of potential clients,

Imagine doing this while you’re asleep - on vacation - or maybe when you just aren’t at 100%


Imagine the possibilities


I help you build your online sales machine so you can go BIG and make BANK in your business


Work with me and let’s do this



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