6 Tasks I do Daily to Grow my Online Coaching Business

One of the best things I have learnt to do in my coaching business is to start being more intentional with the activities I focus on in my business.



When I realised that hey! There are only 24 hours in a day - and I had pretty big goals to hit in my business i had to prioritise super fast and figure out which tasks were most important.



I get asked all the time: “how do you get so much done every day?” (especially as a single mom, who aims to only work 4 hours max ON her business daily).



Well I’m sharing 5 of my MUST DO tasks in hopes that you benefit from them as well.

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I - Write a DAILY Email to my List


OK. So for most coaches daily emails might seem like a bit of overkill (I’ll write an entire blog post devoted to why I email daily and have been sending emails daily to my list now for about a year, but if you have an email list - this is where the majority of your clients and sales will come from.


The best way to convert subscribers to paying clients is to stay top of mind.


You aren’t the only one communicating with your subscribers, and if they’ve joined your list - they at least realise they need what you are offering, building that know like trust factor (sooner rather than later) comes with consistent communication, it doesn’t have to be email - but because I know the power of email and that most of my sales and clients do come from email that’s where I spend a ton of my efforts.



II - Nurture and Grow my Community

(Grow and Nurture my Facebook Group)

This is another one of my must do tasks. I spend time inside my Facebook Group DAILY and on a monthly basis I ask myself: "how can I step my community building game up several notches". 

A BIG part of being an online coach is SERVING. And for me the easiest and most effective way is to serve inside my Facebook Group BOOKED! (check it out here now) 

I've spent time and money learning how to hone my hosting skills and make my group work for me and my business. Apart from my email list my Facebook Group is where I get the next highest number of clients and sales in my business and honestly my Facebook Group means the world to me, so I intentionally spend my time there daily. 

I learnt FAST that with my Facebook group specifically it wasn't about more more more but about just delivering exactly what my community members ask for and need. 

Have you implemented a Facebook Group as part of your community growth strategy? If not why not? 

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III - Livestream on Facebook

I got started live streaming on periscope but as soon as it became available on Facebook I was a convert - mainly because again I believe in intentional actions and focussing on one - max 1 platforms at a time and mastering them. 

My ideal clients were already on Facebook so that was where I needed to be. 

Where are you ideal clients? 

How can you incorporate live streaming into your strategy? 

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I recently started live streaming on my page again and then sharing it into my group because hey - with 4,000+ fans and 3,000+ group members I wanted as much organic reach as possible. And going live in my group I couldn't share the livestream afterwards to my page. 

I am also able to build audiences for Facebook Ads as well doing this (but that's a story for another blog post ;) ) 

Video converts. Live video converts AND builds expert authority as well. WIN WIN. 


IV - Create Content for my Social Media Platforms 

This one is pretty self explanatory. Content can vary from a video, a tweet, a graphic, an in depth post, it's all about where you choose to market your business. I choose Facebook and Instagram. 

My posting schedule varies but of course on instagram I aim to post relevant graphics that lead my followers to take the next step: click the link in the bio and from there build my list and/or my community. 

On my Facebook Page my goal is pretty similar: build my list and/or my community. 

Each platform has it's purpose and because I know the purpose of each platform the content I create is super intentional to that specific platform. 


V - Make an Offer 

OK - so you know I was going to talk about sales right? 

I mean I am the expert in building a PROFITABLE COACHING BUSINESS so I had to talk about making sales at least once. 

Don't worry, I'll keep it short. I sell daily. I want to make money in my business consistently - actually DAILY and to do that I make offers that will serve my ideal clients in a big way, offers that help them get a desired result. 

Now I'm not saying to spam your subscribers with offer after offer, what I am saying is that I give a ton of free content, advice and serve in a free capacity daily but of my action takers who want more and faster there is always the next level: 

  • either more time with me to make some magic happen in their coaching business or; 
  • a step by step guide in the form of affordable but highly valuable courses made specifically for my ideal client to help them get the results they deserve 

Again: WIN, WIN. 

Want to learn more about how you can implement this in your business? 12 Weeks to Passive Income and Paying Clients is just for you. 

VI - Daily Morning Mindset Practice 

This is a must. This sets the tone for the entire day. 

What you believe you can conceive and the way you feel influences the actions you take on a daily basis. 

When I'm just not "feeling it" that energy translates over into my work, into my content, into my sales and it reflects in the results I get for the day. 

When I skip my morning practice for some reason things just don't go the way they should. it's why it's a NON - NEGOTIABLE daily, whether I do a shorter version when I'm pressed for time or I do the entire thing it gets done. 

If you want more information on my Morning Practice:

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So there you have it, 6 Tasks I implement daily to grow my online coaching business. It's not about doing MORE it's about doing MORE OF WHAT WORKS. 

Don't forget to download your free planner below and feel free to let me know in the comments which practice you will implement! 

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