5 Things You can Automate in Your Business Today

Working hours and hours a day with nothing much to show for it? 

I know exactly what you mean! 

It can be so frustrating to put hour after hour in to see little no results. 

I want to share 5 ways you can start automating in your business right away and if you want to really step it up, 


Let's get you automating: 

#1 - Your Traffic. What if you didn't have to post continuously or chase after potential clients day in and day out? 

You actually don't have to! 

Choose a platform and traffic source that allows you to automate your traffic so that you get consistent traffic and start seeing results as well because hey, it's all good to get traffic but you want consistent TARGETED traffic! 

3 of my favorites are: YouTube Video Traffic (organic search and video SEO), Twitter traffic has been increasing a lot for me recently (webinar coming soon click here to join my group and get access and Facebook Ads... Yee Haw! I know Paid traffic is scary but when you figure it out, it's gold!

Paid traffic that you can turn on and off is pretty handy! And with Facebook Ads can get very targeted. 

#2 - List Building. Still asking and adding people to your list 1 at a time? 

I mean if you like it I love it but you can create a capture page to collect information like Leadpages that way you can drop a link and watch the magic happen. 

#3 - And then automate your follow up! 

You can do this with the use of an autoresponder on a BIG level.

Think 100s, 1000s, 10,000s and so on with the click of a button and if you create an autoresponder series you really don't have to much clicking! 

#4 - Your discovery call scheduling process.

During my FREE BIZmas gift giving I will be sharing step by step how you can do this but instead of going back and forth, back and forth trying to see what times work, simply use an online scheduler, I use calendly and let them choose one of the times you have available.

Say What?

That simple?

Yes it is!

#5 - Social Media. Depending on your platform, the extent of automation varies. For example - You can schedule posts using latergram - check it out here - for Instagram but you have to approve each post, it's super easy - you get a notification and you approve the post. I love it! Plus you can schedule all your posts for the week from your computer really easily.

Twitter I use Manage Flitter. 

There are tons out there that work really well.

BONUS Tip - Your client intake process! How do you want to get you clients into your program? Again I have a free chart showing you exactly how, you can grab it by signing up here but in essence you can sync your payment processor with your autoresponder so if they purchase at midnight you don't have to rush to send welcome packets and client contracts, it's all automated.


Things are about to get alot easier for you! 

If you want to grab a free blueprint with a proven 30 day plan to your first paying clients grab it below now!

Share with me in the comments below which tip(s) you are going to implement first!