46 ways to go BIG in your coaching business and GET BOOKED

Go BIG or go home... 


Starting my coaching business I seriously just dove in head first and worked every spare moment I had, on the bus, between classes, walking to work or the lab, after my daughter went to bed, phone in one hand and cooking with the next... 

You get it. 

I figured out a ton of stuff by trial and error, mostly error, and now I want to make sure you don't have to! 

These are my top hacks to help you go BIG in your coaching business and GET BOOKED!

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1. Choose one.

Choose one niche to get started with. I know you're probably saying "I'm multipassionate" I can't choose. Well - I'm sure youve heard the saying "jack of all trades, master of none" it also applies in business. Choose one, master it - hit your goals and then expand. 

2. Your ideal client is your new best friend.

No seriously, you've gotta break it off with your current BFF because your ideal client, when you get to know them like they are your best friend will make you a ton of money over and over again. I explain exactly how you can do this in 3 simple steps in this blog. Read Now. 

3. Specialize.

You don't want to be a general doctor you want to be the oncologist, the cardiologist, the trauma surgeon. The more you become THE EXPERT the more in demand you become and the more you can charge and rightfully so. 

4. Price like a Pro.

Stop making excuses about why you can't charge more, about why you aren't good enough and why you need to add yet another bonus to your package. You're worth it. Price yourself based on the results you deliver. 

5. Content is Queen. 

Creating content is one of the fastest and most effective ways to position yourself as THE go to expert, attract clients and convert them. You want to hone your content creation skills and focus on becoming a content machine... strategically of course. 

These 4 content hacks will help you get started - http://kelitakellman.com/blog/content-hacks-for-coaches

6. Your list is King. 

I figured if content is Queen, list building should be King. They could both share the throne. I'm sure you've seen the changes in algorithms on social media, how one platform is the rave one second and the next it's obsolete. That's why list building is so so so important. You need a list and the sooner you start one the better. Here is a throwback blog - List Building made Simple for Coaches

7. Find your clients online. Where are they?

Think fast! 

If you had to find and convert a paying client in the next few hours, could you?  You need to be where your ideal clients are, choose your platforms wisely and either be able to attract them to you or get in front of them consistently. 

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8. Get Social - but choose wisely. 

Be on social media but choose your platforms wisely. You don't want to get too frustrated and burnt out managing all the platforms out there so choose 1 -2 and then move on from there. 

9. Find your go to tools and use them.

It's no secret, my tools are my team. I love my tools and as a solopreneur they're always saving me time and energy. I share my top tools that helped me build my coaching business to 5 figures here. 

10. Build Real Relationships. 

Relationships are where it's at. Don't just hit the handy like button and keep it moving, come up with a super thoughtful response to comments, genuinely connect with potential clients on social media, get to know them and keep in touch. 

11. Funnels are your friend. 

I could write about funnels all day but I'll leave that for another post. You need funnels. Funnels automate BIG elements in your business: attracting ideal clients, and converting them first to fans and then to paying clients. The sooner you set one up, the better! 

12. Clean up your inbox.

If you're like me and subscribed to everyone and everything getting to inbox zero might not be the best use of your time but going forward using something like unroll.me might be useful 

13. Clean up your social media.

Crowdfire is amazing for twitter and Instagram so you aren't following a bunch of random accounts 

14. Speak their language. (and by their I mean your ideal client) 

Don't try to sound smart, your content will do that for you, make it easy to understand, use the language that they are using, simplify it as much as possible and voila! watch messaging magic happen. 

15. Follow up.

Check into your social media accounts at least once per day and take the time out to follow up on comments. If you use Facebook Groups reply and be helpful, be social. Most people need several touches before they arrive at a buying decision, get consistent and create a winning follow up strategy. Read more here for some ideas. 

16. Have a headquarters for your business.

No, you don't NEED a website but honestly I highly recommend it. It's a super hands off way to attract and book new clients just using the power of your content and savvy systems. It doesn't need to be pretty just effective. 

17. Take your content seriously.

This is your intro to your potential clients most of the time so create EPIC content - always. I know it's easy to just put something out there because well... you need to create something, anything right? Wrong. Take it seriously it's important. Don't just throw any content out - think it through. I'm not saying it needs to be perfect but it does need to hit a specific standard. 

18. Set goals for your business.

You don't necessarily need an accountant and financial advisor and all that but you do need to set some goals. A ship without a destination is just drifting after all. 

You can start by downloading the handy planner below! It's simple but it works!

free sales planner

19. Choose your pillar content strategy. 

 Mine is blogging, at one point it was YouTube videos. Some other really great ideas are webinars, podcasts... anything that you can deliver consistently and that delivers great value. Create a schedule so you post frequently and consistently. 

20. Follow the "greats" online and instead of comparing ask yourself how can you do better and be better? 

21. Don't compete collaborate. 

22. Invest. 

Some say the best things in life are free but some also say you get what you pay for, and sometimes you just need to invest (time and money) to be better and to grow better. Don't be afraid to invest into your success. 

23. Make it easy to hire you.

No one wants to chase you around the internet to pay you, I'm just saying. Make it easy. 

24. Do a brand audit regularly.

 (at least once per quarter), you need consistency in your brand and business - that's one easy way for you to position yourself as an expert and fast. Check out this post for an easy to do brand audit. 

25. Stop Chasing shiny objects.

They're distractions and as soon as you label them as such and just do one thing at a time you'll win. Repeat after me: Just one thing. 

26. Leverage other people's audiences.

Brand new? Don't have an audience? Nor a big budget? You don't have to use paid advertising to go big in your business, leverage the power of other people's audiences.  

Watch this super old video (still good tips inside) 

Read this Post for additional ideas

28. Fall in love with fear.

I get it, it's scary starting a business, building a business, investing in said business, jumping off a cliff - fear is meant to keep you safe and in the case of jumping off a cliff that's great but when building your business? It's an indicator that you're stepping out of your comfort zone and "doing it big". Nothing amazing grows in the comfort zone. Get out of it. 

29. Get consistent with your branding. 

You may not be down with coding and all but just sticking to 2-3 fonts and brand colours can and will do wonders for your brand. Canva is one of my go to tools, use templates for everything. Worksheets, blog post photos, social media photos... you get it ;) 

30. Own your content. 

 As in put your URL on your images so you get credit and people can find you, or go check you out for more information. Images on search engines and social media are a great source of traffic - be smart with yours!

31. Build community. 

32. Create a signature system or framework that works and that you get known for. 

No one wants the same old, same old. Create a signature system that you've gotten results from or that your clients have gotten results from and get known for that system. 

33. Be platform friendly.

Don't post everything the same on all platforms, mix it up. 

34. Be the Best. 

Learn. Be the expert. Invest in a coach, courses,books, attend webinars and trainings, read blogs, find mentors 

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35. Don't be boring. 

Bring your personality to the table. Be human. Use your voice. Well how do I do that Kelita? When you're writing a blog, an email, recording a podcast or video talk to your ideal client - your ONE ideal client and talk as though they are right in front of you. Have fun with it... remember the point of your business is to ditch the pants suit.

36. Value first always! 

A popular question I get is: "how do I know how much to give away for free?" or "how do you give so much away and still book clients?" 

Here's the thing, I run my business from a view point of service and abundance. My clients work with me BECAUSE I give so much away. Think about it - my free stuff is EPIC so imagine my paid stuff... and when my clients hire me and hire you they want YOUR BRAIN, YOUR TIME, YOUR EXPERTISE. 

Which leads right into the next point:

37. Ditch the lack mentality and just give.

38. Sell often.

Like seriously - sales is the lifeblood of your business. The reason you aren't making money daily? The reason why no one is hiring you? You aren't offering enough. Simple.  

39. Implement a morning practice 

I'm not going to force my awesome idea that waking up early is one of the best things ever on you... and that you will get so much more done, and at such a higher quality - and that yes like anything it will take a while to build a habit BUT what I will say you need a plan, a practice, a routine in place if you want the most out of those first peak hours. 

Hit the ground running so to speak. 

Steal some of my morning practice here now

Discover how you can wake up earlier and get more done. 

40. Batch when possible.

Seriously? Batching saves my life. One thing I consistently do is batch plan and research my content. Writing or recording is the easy part. Batch Forrest, batch. (get it? lol) 

41. Consistency.

I've talked about this quite a few times already. But deciding to be consistent in those high impact activities - the activities that give you the biggest bang for you buck and sooner will get you big results and faster. 

42. No is not the end of the world.

Your potential client deciding not to work with you will not ruin your business, someone saying no for whatever reason opens the doors for even more possibilities. Dust it off and keep going. 

41. Recharge. Rest. Self care.

My best ideas come when I'm not actively trying to come up with an idea, when I'm in the gym halfway between life and death is when my best ideas come. Download Evernote or add google docs app to your phone to keep track of ideas. Check out 50 other hacks for more success here <<

42. Put your blinders on and kick doubt to the curb.

Yes you are good enough, yes you can do this, yes they will buy... best way to deal with doubt? Stop comparing yourself and just do the work. Put your head done and take action. 

43. Be more visible.

The more people who see you, and the more often they see you the more clients you'll attract. Simple right? 

44. Learn from others, build your habits. Keep growing. 

45. Do better daily.

Know that building a profitable business is all about discipline and resilience, testing and tweaking and learning from your lessons (not mistakes your lessons) and deciding to do better every day. 

46. Actually take action.

This blog post is amazing - but simply reading won't get you the results you want. Download the planner below and commit to success in your business. 


You can have the business and the life. Building a profitable coaching business? It's a science not theory, stick with me I'll show you how. 

free sales planner for coaches