37 Tools I use in my multi 5 figure Coaching Business

Ready to go fulltime in your online coaching business but WOAHHHH all the tech! All these tools? What do I use first? What do I actually NEED in my business?


Well lady boss you are in LUCK!


Today I invite you into my coaches vault and I will share with you 37 tools I use in my business and WHY and I’ve also created a handy dandy tools checklist that you can download, frame (because who wouldn’t?)  and use at your disposal.


Just a quick heads up, the majority of these tools are FREE but some are paid and some do have affiliate links.


Let’s Dive in.


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The Basics

  1. Leadpages. Can’t rave about this tool enough maybe because I’m a funnels, marketing and overall tech geek and leadpages is hands down the easiest most effective tool for building converting landing pages. Not only do I use it for my funnels but I also use it to host webinars, video replays and the occasional home page. Click here to check it out. 

  2. Convertkit. My autoresponder of choice. It’s the perfect cross between mail chimp and infusionsoft/ ontraport. It’s easy to use and does not include the hefty price tag that comes with infusionsoft/ ontraport. Click here to learn more about convertkit and give it a go.  

  3. Squarespace. My website and my blog. Very user friendly.

Graphic Design

  1. Canva. Graphics, images, quotes, pdfs… want them to look professional and gorgeous? This tool is a must use!

  2. Picmonkey. Another tool I use for my graphic design. Like Canva it’s a drag and drop kinda tool and like Canva you can use the FREE version with amazing results. (You can learn how to use both right here)

  3. Placeit. For those mockups and image placements without having to be super tech savvy.

  4. Pages. Yet another tool (comes free with your macbook) that I use to create workbooks and some graphics.

  5. Google Docs. Also used to create workbooks and worksheets plus custom resources for clients that are easily shared.

  6. PDFescape. Used to make those worksheets even more professional. You can add fields - so it’s fillable and you can make the worksheets clickable and interactive.

  7. SmallPDF. No one wants to wait 4 hours to download your pdf… I’m sorry we just don’t and this resource helps you to compress them and make them smaller. It’s also great for merging your pdfs (especially from Canva since only 30 pages can be made on Canva at any given time)

  8. CompressPNG. This does the same but for your images

Organization, Marketing and Client Work

  1. Google Suite of Tools (Google Drive). Don’t own excel or microsft word or powerpoint? Google drive to the rescue. FREE and works pretty much the same. You can even download the apps to your smartphone and work on the go.

  2. Keynote. For slideshows and presentations (but you can also use powerpoint, Canva and the free Google sheets)

  3. Adobe Creative Suite. An inexpensive option to getting your hands on powerpoint, indesign and those other tools that otherwise would put quite a dent in your pocket.

  4. Google Calendar. Syncs with EVERYTHING.

  5. Sunrise App. Keeps my google calendar updated on my phone - because hey us lifestyle business owners are always on the go.

  6. Gmail + Boomerang. Replying and keeping your inbox empty made EASY.

  7. Calendly. Still the easiest scheduling tool out there. There is a free version that I used for a long time but when you start offering multiple meetings you can add additional options and best part it syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar.

Taking Payments

  1. Paypal (Business or Pro). Gotta make money right? Hands down I still consider this the best way to get paid and to pay for stuff as well.

Social Media Management

  1. Boardbooster. I use this DAILY for pinterest to ensure that I get automated traffic to my blog. Chances are if you're reading this - it worked! Grab a FREE trial here now. 

  2. Buffer. Amazing for social media scheduling. Click here and grab a free trial of the awesome plan or use it completely FREE!

  3. Hootsuite. Great for social media scheduling but also good for keeping track of your twitter.

  4. Later. My favorite app to schedule my instagram content. Get started for free with some bonus credits by clicking here now. 

Research and Social Media

  1. Facebook free tools. Track your audience insights - gain invaluable information with their audience insights tool. Absolutely invaluable.

  2. Facebook Power Editor. I create ALL my ads here. That boost button on your page? A BIG no - no. Learn more about creating Facebook Ads here.

  3. Buzz Sumo. Need content? Start here! 

Storage and Hosting

  1. Dropbox. Great storage tool. I use it mainly for pdfs and to share larger client files.

  2. Evernote. It’s on my macbook, my iphone, my ipad… anywhere I can put that bad boy it is. We’re creatives we get a ton of ideas and we need to write them down. This allows me to keep up with everything all in one place. Learn more about Evernote here now. 

  3. Evernote web clipper. See something you like? Clip it and save to your evernote. You can also bookmark and save fill pdfs without filling up all your storage. 2 Words - In Love. Get Evernote and then sync it with the web clipper! 

  4. YouTube. Besides the great organic traffic you can get from YouTube videos, it’s a FREE way to host videos and…

Webinars and meetings

  1. Google Hangouts. Google hangouts are the way to go to host amazing live webinars, trainings and even client calls! You can share your screens, chat live and create an event to go along with it.

  2. Chatroll. To step your chat game up for your webinars.

  3. Vimeo. A paid more secure version to YouTube for hosting videos that  I use for paid training and replays.

  4. Zoom. My go to for hosting all my 1:1 client calls and group coaching calls. For hosting client calls, masterminds and even more intimate live webinars and trainings. Hit record and you’re good to go. There's a free version you can get started with! Start using Zoom here now. 

  5. Skype + Evaer. Hold your long distance calls and record it. 


  1. Jing by techsmith. Grab a screenshot or record a screencapture video (less than 5 minutes)

  2. Typeform. For gorgeous forms and surveys.

  3. FocusList. This is an app that I use on my phone and macbook that utilizes the pomodoro technique so you can get more done.


Wowza! 37 Epic tools that allow you to take your business to the next level with ease! 

Let me know in the comments which tool you will use first and if you have any questions. 

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