3 Essential Elements You Need to Build a Profitable Freedom Based Coaching Business

Today I was sitting and lying around feeling even worse than I did earlier this week thanks to this awesome sinus infection I have but besides that being so grateful I didn't have to go into a stuffy air conditioned office - or in my case go in to the hospital or the lab to go to work. 


If I had an offline business, the sign would be: CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. 


But because I have certain things in place it's made it super easy to take it easy but still handle business. 


Monday I did pretty much nothing for business but still booked a client (paid) and got inquiries into my services. 

Why is this? 

I want to share the top 3 things I credit that to: 

  • Traffic Strategy

I have an evergreen traffic strategy that gets me in front new ideal clients every single day without me having to do anything every day. I was super intentional when choosing my platforms so that I knew that I could get in front of my ideal clients when needed. 

When choosing which platforms you will use to generate traffic you want to choose wisely: make sure your ideal clients are there (that's always effective), can you generate new followers and get in front of new potential clients easily, and can you use the platform to do what you want - get more clients or create a community. 


  • Build a Community

Starting my Facebook Group has been one of the best decisions ever. I recommend it to any one thinking of starting a coaching business and even if you have an existing coaching business that you want to build exponentially having a community that you can serve over and over again and can fill with a hub of potential clients so you can have fun, serve more people and also not have to hustle for clients over and over again. 


  • Automate Listbuilding 

A non negotiable is building a list full of ideal clients. The more targeted the better because it makes it easier to convert your potential clients into paying clients - WIN! Automating list building with a funnel means you don't have to worry about being present to grow your list and your community (by default). 

Having an email list allows you to always have a connection with potential clients no matter where you are, or what happens with social media. And the good news is for coaches you don't need a big list, you need a quality list and you can definitely attract and convert high end clients with a small targeted list. 

Those are the 3 things I credit my being able to be sick, rest and recharge without my business falling apart to. 

If you would like to learn how to use your list (big or small) to book high end clients, 

or if you're just getting started and need to start building your list NOW 

then this FREE mini course is for you. 

During the mini course we cover: 

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