3 Different FREE Ways to Book Paying Clients on Facebook

I’m going to be real here… I love me some Facebook Ads but when I first got started online, my budget was a big fat 0.00 dollars and so I had to get really creative and figure out how to market my business for FREE online.


One thing I have always maintained: Choose 1 - 2 platforms at any given time and rock those platforms out.


At that point in time one of those platforms was Facebook.


I came up with 3 ways to start attracting paying clients, and rocking it out to the tune of 5 figure months… and yes all for FREE.


One huge point to make is: you want to get clear on what you are the EXPERT in and how you are the SOLUTION for your potential clients.


When you start implementing the below strategies always ask yourself: “Am I positioning myself as the expert ?


3 ways clients fb 2.png



Way #1 - Other People’s Facebook Groups


This option is great for VISIBILITY and for leveraging the power of other people’s audiences. You don’t have a big budget or a big following and you want to get in front of a highly targeted audience.

Let's get started with these questions:


  1. Where is your ideal client hanging out? Make a list of 3 - 6 Facebook Groups… you will only be active in 3 but some may be hits, some may be misses. 

  2. What is the vibe of the group?

  3. What does your ideal client need to hear from you?

  4. How can you separate yourself from others already posting?

  5. Aim to post around 3x per day and most importantly

  6. Schedule time to come back in and engage!


Way #2 - Your Own Facebook Group


Your Facebook Group is your own utopia, your space to shine. You can make it exactly what you want it to be.


When I created my Facebook Group BOOKED! I didn’t know how I would add hundreds (and now thousands) of women to the group but I set an intention and then I started posting even if there were only a few members at that time.


Here is a guideline of how you can make your Facebook Group AHHHHHmazing!


  • Name your group

  • Write an effective description (include your lead magnet is available)

  • Create a schedule of 3 - 5 posts per day (download 14 different types of posts you can create here)

  • Don’t hold back on the VALUE.

  • Don’t forget to SELL (make an offer, free coaching calls or assessments, discovery calls - make an offer)



Way #3 - Your Facebook Page


Admittedly it’s kinda hard to play without paying on Facebook Pages these days BUT thanks to Facebook Live you can now get in front of a lot more people.


Number 1: Post Consistently 1 - 2x per day on your Facebook Page minimum

Number 2: Do more video (live and just uploaded video)

Number 3: Link your profile to your Facebook Page ( because when you start being consistent in Facebook Groups, people will click through to your profile and once you optimise your profile you will easily be able to click through to your Facebook Page and learn more about you.)


At the end of the day it comes down to investing.

Investing your time or investing your money.


FREE strategies require an investment of TIME whereas when you’re ready to invest MONEY into your marketing you free up a lot of your time.


Ok, now it's your turn: Get to work, and let me know in the comments how you will leverage Facebook to start attracting paying clients!

Don't forget to download the FREE cheatsheet below - 14 types of Facebook Posts you can Create!